Saturday, September 13, 2008

Harvard's Big Dick

Meanwhile, we have schools falling apart, in arrears, and closing.

Then again, us slob-scum aren't going to get into Harvard anytime soon, either!!!!

I guess they can use their "endowment" to real plow apart our asses, huh?

"Harvard endowment tops market; Investments return 8.6% for fiscal year" by Steven Syre, Globe Staff | September 13, 2008

Harvard University's $36.9 billion endowment earned 8.6 percent on its investments in its latest fiscal year, the school's money managers reported yesterday, even as stock markets around the world were losing money.

Harvard Management said its endowment grew $2 billion during the fiscal year. Harvard invests a substantial amount of its endowment in hedge funds, private equity funds, commodities, and real estate. Most of those earned substantial profits in the last fiscal year.

Harvard's "real assets" portfolio, which includes easily tradeable commodities, timber, agricultural land, and real estate, earned 35.8 percent. Private equity investments returned 9.6 percent and hedge funds roughly broke even.

The endowment's bond portfolio also posted big gains during the year. Domestic bonds earned 16.1 percent while foreign bonds gained 21.3 percent and inflation-indexed bonds advanced 20.3 percent.


Nice to know the privileged rich have more money than they know what to do with, huh?

Nice to know they made money while your pensions cratered and you will be bailing out banks, too, huh, Amurkns?