Saturday, September 13, 2008

U.S. Making Its Move in South America

I have already called this aspect of WWIII, and I would advise the reader to type "Bolivia" or "Venezuela" into my blog search.

"US-Venezuela diplomatic rift widens; Washington starts sanctions on Chavez aides" by Anne Gearan, Associated Press | September 13, 2008

WASHINGTON - The United States stopped trying to be polite yesterday in an escalating diplomatic shoving match with the populist leaders of Venezuela and Bolivia.

Like they EVER WERE!!

You know, when you start of with lies and propaganda right from the start, you wonder why the language starts ripping?!!!!

Washington slapped new sanctions on three aides close to President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and called him weak and desperate. The Venezuelan ambassador got the boot for good measure, a move that was purely for show. Chávez had already brought his man home.

"Those who shout the loudest are not making the real news in the Americas," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said after Chávez used bathroom profanity to accuse the Americans of meddling in Latin America.

Well, I must say I appreciate the support.

The rupture began Wednesday when Bolivian President Evo Morales expelled the US ambassador there, accusing him of inciting violent protests. Chávez followed suit Thursday, accusing the "US empire" of helping plot a coup against him. He later gave the American ambassador 72 hours to quit the country.

McCormack adopted a grave tone to read a long defense to reporters yesterday. "The only meaningful conspiracy in the region is the common commitment of democratic countries to enhance opportunities for their citizens," he said. "The only overthrow we seek is that of poverty."

U.S. officials make me sick!

Violent clashes over Bolivia's future have claimed eight lives. A two-week protest against Morales' plans to redo the constitution and redirect gas revenues turned violent this week as demonstrators stormed public offices, blocked roads and seized gas fields.

Yeah, that is OUR GUYS that WENT VIOLENT, AmeriKan shit-eaters!! --more--"

Don't believe me?

"Almost all of the dead were pro-government peasant farmers"

LA PAZ, Bolivia - Bolivia's leftist government declared martial law yesterday in a remote Amazon region where at least 15 people were killed in a wave of political violence sweeping the impoverished country.

In a decree, the government banned protests and meetings in the far-northern Pando region and said anyone carrying weapons would be arrested. Officials said six more bodies had been found following a clash in the area Thursday.

"In Pando, it's been a real massacre," Government Minister Alfredo Rada told reporters, referring to the violence between supporters of President Evo Morales and those of four rightist provincial governors, who oppose his socialist reforms.

Almost all of the dead were pro-government peasant farmers, officials say. Antigovernment protesters continued to block roads in eastern areas, causing fuel and food shortages in the opposition-led city of Santa Cruz.

Officials said protesters had destroyed or set fire to about 30 public buildings. The martial law decree came as Morales' government held talks with one of the opposition governors in a bid to defuse the crisis.