Saturday, September 13, 2008

That Lip-Flapping "Friend" Could be FBI

Any stranger who comes up and wants to start talking to me is gonna get one of these!!!

"Proposal would give FBI new power to track threats; Surveillance tools raising concerns on civil liberties" by Larry Margasak, Associated Press | September 13, 2008

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration proposed guidelines yesterday that would give the FBI more tools to assess national security and foreign intelligence threats.

Agents would be permitted to use tactics that are now allowed only in criminal cases: physical surveillance, recruitment of sources, and "pretext interviews," in which the real purpose would not be revealed.

Brian Roehrkasse, a Justice Department spokesman, said the bureau cannot ignore La Cosa Nostra's Italian membership or that Hezbollah is largely Lebanese, "any more than it could ignore the identification of a bank robber as a short white male."

But here is what they CAN IGNORE:

The Russian-Israeli Mafia: Off-limits to FBI, US intelligence

Need I even say it, readers?