Saturday, September 13, 2008

Racist AmeriKan Press Calls African Guerilla

Couldn't they have chosen a different word?

And yeah, it looks like they don't like him so....

(blog author just shakes his head at the atrocious racism of the Zionist MSM, who would then spin it back on me. Ha!!!)

"Guerrilla chief gets a hero's welcome; Zuma victorious in South Africa corruption case" by Clare Nullis, Associated Press | September 13, 2008

PIETERMARITZBURG, South Africa - While he is lionized by the impoverished masses, Jacob Zuma, a 66-year-old former guerrilla chief who already survived a rape scandal to rise to the leadership of the governing African National Congress, is struggling to connect with nervous business leaders and foreign investors, who worry whether he harbors radical economic ideas.

But even some business leaders wanted the charges against Zuma dropped in the interests of political stability for Africa's most powerful economy, given threats by his supporters to make the country ungovernable.

Zuma has sought to reassure the business community that he will not lead South Africa down the ruinous path that wrecked the thriving farm-based economy of Zimbabwe, and he wooed multinational investors at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. He also has reached out to poor whites and the Jewish community.

Oh, well, he should be all set then. Who cares about rape and corruption, huh?!!

Yeah, I am tired of the shit Zionist AmeriKan MSM, yeah!!!