Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shopping For Votes

As I was reading this article, the thought occurred to me:

Why note have the VOTES on a WEEKEND? Or make it a HOLIDAY! Or hold the vote when SCHOOL IS OUT?

When I look at this GREAT IDEA, all I see is MORE VOTE FRAUD!!!!

"Supermarkets in Worcester give voting a new flavor" by Donovan Slack, Globe Staff | September 17, 2008

WORCESTER - There were announcements on the public address system. There was an election day lunch special, a "good-sized" haddock filet with french fries and cole slaw for $3.99. And wedged between the rotisserie chicken counter and the baked goods: the polling booths.

"This is great," Dianne Mann, a 23-year resident, said after casting her primary election ballot at, of all places, Price Chopper. "I'm going to get my cart and get things for dinner now."

Mann was one of hundreds of Worcester residents who voted in neighborhood grocery stores yesterday. The city is the first in the state to put polling places in supermarkets, and the move drew not only rave reviews from shoppers and voters in Worcester but attention from other cities and towns.

In February, an 86-year-old man seriously injured an 8-year-old girl in Randolph when his sport utility vehicle struck her as he was trying to find a parking spot at her school so he could vote.

"There are lots of reasons why school buildings can be unsafe places for the general public to have open and free access," said David J. Rushford, the Worcester city clerk who oversees elections in the city.

According to two Worcester officials briefed on the moves, keeping school children safe from predators was also a major concern. Last year city officials began cross-checking voting rolls with police records of convicted sex offenders and found that many of the 118 registered level 3 offenders regularly voted in elementary schools, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information.

Come on, give me a FUCKING BREAK!!!!

I am SO SICK of this TYRANNY being RAMMED DOWN our throats because of the sex perverts -- most of which SERVE in GOVERNMENT if you haven't been paying attention!!!!

What, kids don't go to the supermarket? SEX PREDATORS don't buy food?

Supermarkets protect the kids better than the schools? That I could believe!

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