Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Governor's Signature is Good as Gold

Even if you FORGE IT!

Just letting you know that CORRUPTION works BOTH SIDES of the AISLE!!!

"Governor accuses candidate of forging his signature on mailings" by Matt Viser, Globe Staff | September 17, 2008

Governor Deval Patrick alleged yesterday that a candidate running for reelection to the Governor's Council forged his signature on her campaign mailings and falsely claimed that the governor had endorsed her campaign, a bizarre election-day twist in a local race over a fairly obscure government post.

Yeah, but she WON ANYWAY so it must have been WORTH IT!!!

All so she could PICK UP A $500 check for a ONCE-a-WEEK LUNCHEON, er, meeting (keep reading)!!!!

Councilor Kelly A. Timilty of Dedham was winning handily last night in her reelection bid against her Democratic primary challenger, Robert L. Jubinville of Milton. With 76 percent of the votes counted, she had 65 percent of the vote compared with Jubinville's 35 percent. No Republican is running for the seat, so Timilty will probably win the seat in November.

"The mailing sent out recently by the Timilty campaign was not approved by the Deval Patrick Committee, nor did the governor approve or author the letter that bares his signature," said Liz Morningstar, executive director of the governor's political committee. "The governor has not endorsed any candidate for Governor's Council."

Morningstar also said the committee was exploring its legal options, but she did not elaborate. Timilty did not return phone or e-mail messages left for her yesterday afternoon. But her father, Joseph Timilty, a former state senator and Boston city councilor who helped in the campaign, said putting the governor's signature on the postcard was "a terrible error."

Oh, it was an "error."

Now FORGERY isn't a CRIME, it is an "error!"

Fuck you, elite stinkshit!!!!!

"It was a terrible mistake, an error which we apologize for," he said, declining to say who made the error and whether his daughter reviewed the material before it was sent out. "I can't say strongly enough that the signature on that document is an error and a mistake. For that we will apologize to the governor."



But he maintained that the campaign thought the governor had endorsed her, although he wouldn't specify why the campaign felt that way. The mailing had a picture of Timilty and Patrick smiling together, with a headline reading, "Timilty means public service."

It also had the governor's signature, with an endorsement that reads: "Please join me in supporting Kelly Timilty for Governor's Council. Kelly has proven time and again that she is up to the challenge of representing her district in the Governor's Council. She knows the true meaning of public service, and she is a tireless advocate for he [sic] constituents."

Yeah, $$$$ (keep reading).

The flier was one of three postcards Timilty sent out last week, in the final days before voters went to the polls, and it left Jubinville little time to react.

Translation: It was a DIRTY, SLEAZY campaign tactic! Bet hey, SHE WON!!!!

"There's nothing we can do at this point," Jack LaLond, Jubinville's campaign manager, said, calling the move a "desperate and pathetic attempt to try and hang on to a job." "It's the type of politics we thought was over eons ago. Timilty ought to be ashamed."

Timilty, seeking her eighth, two-year term, comes from a storied political family. Besides her father's political tenure, her brother James E. is a state senator and her cousin Walter F. is a state representative.

Oh, she comes from a LEGACY of LOOTERS, huh?

Yeah, let's get all the political families swinging around here!

The main job of the Governor's Council, which consists of eight elected members as well as the lieutenant governor, is to confirm or deny the governor's nominations for the judiciary. The council also considers pardons and commutations and reviews government spending orders. The annual pay for councilors, who meet once a week, is $26,000.

Hey, what is ONE MORE LOOTER in this state, huh?