Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sarah Palin Won John McCain the Presidency

And HERE is HOW!

The Polls

Update: McCain increased his lead by a point overnight!!!

Gallup Daily: McCain’s Bounce Gives Him 5-Point Lead
September 8, 2008

John McCain’s support among registered voters increased six percentage points from immediately before the GOP convention to immediately after. That convention bounce leaves him with a five-point lead over Barack Obama in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update, 49% to 44%.

Also see: McCain Now Winning Majority of Independents
John McCain’s bounce in voter support spanning the Republican National Convention is largely explained by political independents, who are shifting to him in fairly big numbers, from 40% pre-convention to 52% post-convention.

Men's support gives Palin edge in latest poll
When it comes to support for Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, a new national poll suggests men and women don't see eye to eye. A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey out Tuesday indicates that 62 percent of men questioned have a favorable opinion of the Alaska governor, nine points higher than women.

More shit shoveling by the lying, obfuscation, deceitful, Zionist-controlled AmeriKan MSM!

"Palin buzz boosts GOP; Polls, turnouts, enthusiasm on rise" by Scott Helman, Globe Staff | September 9, 2008

If Senator John McCain threw a political Hail Mary pass by picking Sarah Palin as his running mate, this much is clear: She caught it and ran.

All MSM bullshit!!!!

Ten days after McCain upended the presidential race by tapping the little-known governor of Alaska, the buzz generated by the GOP ticket shows no sign of abating, even as Palin has yet to answer questions from the press or the public.

New national polls show McCain leading or even with Democrat Barack Obama, who had been the front-runner for weeks. A USA Today/Gallup survey taken over the weekend indicates Palin has helped McCain close a longstanding "enthusiasm gap" with Obama, part of why it now has McCain leading Obama 50 percent to 46 percent among registered voters.

Yup, the "enthusiasm factor" is going to win the presidency while we are all surly as hell out here!

The poll shifts are just one measure of the Palin effect. With her by his side, McCain is drawing the biggest crowds of his campaign. Many conservative Republicans are fired up for the general election for the first time, forcing Obama's campaign to search for an effective response.

He's lost! He's lost!!!

Yup, "searching" for a response he will NEVER FIND! Not like the MSM is going to help him out at all' look at how cowed of McCain they are.

Must be worried about his temper, as well as shoveling propagandistic bullshit!!!!

Anyway, this is the POLITICAL NARRATIVE we will hear for the next two months leading to a nother STOLEN ELECTION!!!!!!

After joint rallies today in the battleground states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, Palin will head home tomorrow to Alaska - a competitive state in November - for a "welcome home" rally, aides said. It will be her first major solo appearance since she introduced herself to the world with her speech to the Republican National Convention. Aides say she will also host fund-raisers and campaign events in the weeks ahead, and appear in more TV ads.

But while the rewards of Palin's newfound rock-star status are evident, so are the risks, particularly once she actually faces the press and voters.

Yeah, right MSM! WHEN?!

You fuckers are all fawning ober her because McCain is playing hardball with you, so FUCK OFF, SHIT PRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See: Infuriated About Tough CNN Interview, McCain Cancels Larry King Appearance

And notice how when Obama is compared to a rock star, that is BAD in the AmeriKan JEWPRESS, but when it is the fundy-radical tool here, Palin, then ROCK-STAR STATUS is a GOOD THING to the AmeriKan JEWPRESS!!!!!

McCain's campaign has so far kept Palin cloistered; her first TV news interview, with Charles Gibson of ABC News, isn't scheduled until the end of the week. Virtually every appearance has been heavily scripted, while Palin, who has been governor less than two years, gets a crash course on issues and talking points from McCain advisers.

Well, that explains the MSM coverage.

They are JUST READING A SCRIPT -- like on 9/11!!!

It is evident that the dynamics of the race have been altered, at least temporarily, by the presence of Palin, a charismatic 44-year-old self-described "hockey mom." Obama's campaign now faces its most serious strategic challenge of the general election.

Yup, can't touch Mz. Sarah, the wholly slut of the Christian Crazies!!!!

With the polls showing McCain gaining ground by trying to also claim the mantle of change, Obama yesterday sought to protect his turf.

Translation: Obama is being DEFENSIVE, and those candidates ALWAYS LOSE!!!

Say HELLO to PRESIDENT PALIN, AmeriKa!!!!! You have EARNED IT!!!!


And if you are expecting help from the vanquished Hitlery, you better rethink that, Obama!

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton is avoiding taking on Sarah Palin directly in Clinton's first public appearances since the Alaska governor exploded onto the national scene last week.

Campaigning for Barack Obama yesterday in the toss-up state of Florida, Clinton barely uttered Palin's name. In a small amendment to an old line, she said: "No way, no how, no McCain, no Palin."

At another point, after praising the Democratic ticket's proposals to help middle-class Americans on taxes, healthcare, and other economic issues, Clinton said: "I didn't see that from Senator McCain and Governor Palin. I saw more of the same."

Kind of a lukewarm endorsement and enthusiasm, no, readers?

Palin will be campaigning in small towns of the sort where Clinton did well during the primaries, and she is directly appealing to Clinton's supporters.

Really? Obama Winning Over Clinton Voters, Workers

Palin inspires women to vote for Democrats


Also see: VP Pick Palin Captures Women's Vote for McCain

Palin's Performance Cinches Womens' Vote For McCain

Women Flocking to McCain-Palin Ticket

Obama Supporters Bailing to Support McCain Over Palin Pick

So what is with the LYING and AGENDA-PUSHING BULLSHIT, AmeriKan MSM?!!

Some analysts say she poses a serious threat to Obama in such places; a Washington Post/ABC News poll released yesterday found GOP nominee John McCain had tied Obama, largely because he has gained support among white women since picking Palin. Clinton, analysts say, is the only Democrat with the national stature and the relationship with white working-class and rural women to blunt the excitement Palin is generating, and to make the argument that the GOP vice presidential nominee is an extremist on the issues.

Good-bye, Obama! It was a nice run, wasn't it?

"In the Democratic Party there is a very small subset of leaders who do have a track record and a capacity to appeal to these types of voters, and what that subset basically leaves you with is either President Clinton or Senator Clinton," said Democratic strategist Chris Lehane.


You winning won't help Hitlery in 2012, so it is OVER!

Your chances rest on the good graces of the Clintons?

But a former top aide to Clinton says the question of whether the New York senator will criticize Palin head-on comes from a chattering class desire for a "cat fight."

"Don't hold your breath. It's not going to happen," wrote Howard Wolfson, her former campaign communications director, in a blog post on the New Republic's website. "It's not in Hillary Clinton's interest."

Nor is an Obama victory!!!!!

This WHOLE THING always was about her, wasn't it?

In fact, the two women have largely been polite, even supportive of each other.

But she's gonna fight for you, Barack!!!

Hours after McCain announced he had chosen Palin, Clinton put out a statement welcoming her to the race. The same day, Palin congratulated Clinton for putting "18 million cracks in the glass ceiling." Yesterday in Kissimmee, Clinton called Palin's selection "a great accomplishment."

Probably jealous because she didn't get it.

Clinton's most ardent supporters, still smarting over what they considered sexist media coverage of Clinton's campaign, are speaking out against what they see as similar offenses against Palin.

Yes, they have found a SOUL SISTER, haven't they?

Hey, I really don't care.

I no longer care about the fucking American people, so I really could give a crap as to what sort of shit they decide they will eat!

Yeah, never mind that the Hillary supporters in my town hate Palin's guts!


And here is the surprise block that will put Palin over the top!!!

Teen Moms

In 2004, the Bay State spent $65 million on child welfare for teenage mothers, $37 million in public healthcare, and $29 million for incarceration. Nationally, the report says that teen childbearing costs taxpayers at least $9.1 billion a year.

I don't care what they did, why is a TEEN MOTHER being LOCKED UP with her kid?

Even before Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, the Republican vice presidential nominee, caused a national stir last week by disclosing that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, teen pregnancy had made national headlines this year. Once was over a report that high school girls in Gloucester made a pact to get pregnant and raise their babies together.

Yeah, a story that turned out to be FALSE!!

"Time, which reported the pact in its June 18 edition, acknowledged that it had not interviewed any of the girls involved."

Thanks for CORRECTING that on the REVISIONIST ACCOUNT, shit MSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another was when 17-year-old actress Jamie Lynn Spears proclaimed on the cover of OK! magazine that "Being a mom is the best feeling in the world!"

Yeah, and?

Health officials say such headlines have tended to skew national perceptions about teen pregnancies; black teens are three times as likely and Hispanic teens are almost six times as likely as white teens to give birth, according to the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services. And, overwhelmingly, the teen mothers are poor.

Yeah, but if you say that, the divisive, Zionist-controlled, agenda-pushing AmeriKan MSM hollers racism!!!

Beatriz, a 16-year-old Lawrence girl about to start her junior year of high school, said her parents took the news of her pregnancy hard. "I disappointed my parents," said Beatriz. "My mom cried for three or four days. My dad didn't talk to me the whole time I was pregnant."

What kind of parent is that?

I mean, really, a Palin parent (as long as it is not her own with the bump, huh)?

She struggles to buy diapers and formula with the money she earns as a waitress. How to respond to and prevent teen pregnancy has been the subject of controversy from town halls to legislative chambers. Federal lawmakers have been debating whether to continue funding abstinence-only sex education programs after a study commissioned by Congress showed the programs don't keep teens from having sex.

You know, they have been trying for THOUSANDS of YEARS to stop sex.

What's the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

And it is only an issue because the MSM PRESS has MADE IT ONE!

Unlike the wars, the economy, etc, etc, etc.


Update: Palin dolls go on sale as her popularity soars

London: Two new action dolls of Sarah Palin, the running mate of Republican Presidential candidate John McCain, have gone on sale as her popularity is soaring in the US, a British newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Sarah Palin-the Executive and Sarah Palin-the Super Hero are the two variations of the dolls on the Alaska Governor that have been on sale in the US."

Update: "Who's Running for President, McCain or Palin?

My one-week love affair with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the GOP's vice presidential nominee, is officially over. She's no longer charming. Her relentless sarcasm is derogatory and mean-spirited. And, she's dangerous. The smart girl glasses are, like her, a sham, and that Fargo voice now sounds like nails on a chalkboard. To be honest, most of my previous adoration centered around my expectation that the appointment of this political lightweight would be a cancer to the ticket. Instead, I now believe she's Sen. John McCain's meal ticket. Incredibly, this election has become all about her, not him, and if Sen. Barack Obama and the Dems don't get their shit together fast and strip away the layers of this vacuous onion, Palin just might be the reason McCain wins in November.