Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama Winning Over Clinton Voters, Workers

But the AmeriKan MSM still continues shoveling bullshit about Palin and women.

That's what you do when you are going to rig and steal and election!!!!

"Citing grim jobs report, Obama reaches out to blue-collar voters" by Scott Helman, Globe Staff | September 6, 2008

Senator Barack Obama, trying to build on his show of strength at the Democratic National Convention, is targeting one of his biggest weaknesses: his standing with white, blue-collar voters.

Interviews with local voters, activists, and political leaders suggest that while Obama has a lot of ground to cover, he is making significant inroads among such voters, thanks to his visits, his tapping of Clinton's political network, and his well-received speech in Denver accepting the Democratic nomination.

Dan Surra, a state lawmaker from central Pennsylvania who has been helping Obama since the primaries, said he still hears objections from rural voters about Obama; some, he said, admit they simply will not vote for a black candidate. But he said things are improving, partly because of the strong endorsements at the convention from Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Denise Brooks, the Democratic chairwoman for Monroe County, Mich., and a former passionate Clinton supporter, whose grudge against Obama was intact when she arrived in Denver. The Clintons persuaded her, though, and on Labor Day Brooks was one of a couple of hundred people at the Obama barbecue. She was blown away by the interest - another 500 people had to be turned away, she said.

A Gallup poll released earlier this week showed that Obama has succeeded since the convention in winning over many such former Clinton devotees. Gallup surveys also show that Obama has closed the gap with McCain nationwide among white voters without a college degree.


Which is why he should BLOW McCain out of the water in a FAIR ELECTION!!!!

Heck, even I am going to vote for him!