Friday, September 5, 2008

Occupation Iraq: AP Lies

And therefore, they are not to be trusted anymore -- ever!

I not only got angry when I saw the way this report was written, I also realized that these are the LIES that the MSM is going to repeat incessantly the myth of George W. Bush's presidency.

They are hopeless, the agenda-pushing scum of the AmeriKan MSM!

"Military sources say delay advised on Iraq troop cuts" by Lolita C. Baldor and Robert Burns, Associated Press | September 5, 2008

WASHINGTON - President Bush's top defense advisers have recommended he maintain 15 combat brigades in Iraq until the end of the year contrary to expectations that the improved security in Iraq would allow for quicker cuts, The Associated Press has learned.

Like that is a surprise.

Everyone knows the "we are leaving" bit is pure bullshit for the American public to consume at election time. I fell for it in 2006, but not now!

That's what happens when the AmeriKan MSM is such a bunch of OUTRIGHT LIARS!!!!

Bush is weighing the recommendations; in the past, he has largely accepted the military's advice.


Is that what he was doing when they FIRED SHINSEKI for saying we would need 400,000 troops to occupy Iraq?

When they fired Casey and Abazaid for not wanting to "surge?"

See: Occupation Iraq: Bush Ignored Commanders On Ground


Among the more important changes was the unanticipated decision by Georgia to bring home about 2,000 soldiers after Russia invaded the former Soviet republic in early August.

Ooops! Sort of a bad call there, 'eh, administration?

Also arguing in favor of a smaller reduction this fall was the inability of the Iraqi government to move ahead with provincial elections in October as originally planned.

They will find ANY EXCUSE to STAY!

And if elections are not ready, well, then, the SURGE FAILED, didn't it?