Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boston Globe Columnist Calls Hillary Clinton an Old Hag While Praising Palin

Is this guy kidding?

Harridan: "A strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman"

"The discreet charm of Republican women" by Alex Beam, Globe Columnist | September 13, 2008

Successful, female, Democratic politicians are like affirmative-action babies
; they always feel that the story of their rise must validate the core myths of feminism that they hold so dear. Hillary Clinton, superbly qualified to be president, came off as a harridan. Nancy Pelosi, astonishingly, is one of the most unpopular politicians in the country.

It's easier to be a prominent Republican woman, because you can unabashedly tap into the older, comforting myths. Beauty queen; SuperMom; Diana the huntress; PTO nutcracker; whoever picked Palin must have been a genius. So she's not exactly sure what the Bush Doctrine is - who cares? The whole point of electing a new president is to get rid of the Bush Doctrine once and for all. Newspaper editorialists who cackle at her creationist leanings might want to look at some poll numbers. God still trumps Darwin, last time I checked.

Told ya!

Is there a line connecting Laura Bush to Sarah Palin? I think so. It is the line of unglamorous people who didn't go to the right schools and who never had famous friends. If only Matt Damon would promise to trash Sarah Palin every day between now and Nov. 4, the election would be McCain's to lose.

It already is, what with the vote suppression and rigging going on out there!