Monday, September 15, 2008

President Palin Will Win New Hampshire, Iowa

Remember, readers, it is agenda-pushing propaganda, not the truth (as it is with all Zionist-controlled, AmeriKan MSM news organs).

"Candidates look anew to N.H. and Iowa; Vital turf for both McCain, Obama" by Scott Helman, Globe Staff | September 15, 2008

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Looks like a photo finish on Election Day.

With Iowa leaning to Obama and polls showing the New Hampshire race much closer, both candidates focused over the weekend on the Granite State.

Obama used appearances in Dover and Concord on Friday, as well as a big rally in downtown Manchester on Saturday, to launch a new, aggressive phase of his campaign. Then McCain swooped in yesterday in his Straight Talk Express bus for a pitstop at the Sylvania 300 NASCAR race in Loudon.

What is the CARBON FOOTPRINT on the BUS and RACE?

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Appearing with Red Sox star Curt Schilling and NASCAR legend Richard Petty, McCain laid a Republican claim to the stock car fans' vote. And many in the rain-soaked crowd cheered him.

In each of the last two elections, Iowa and New Hampshire have been decided by narrow margins: In 2000, George W. Bush beat Al Gore in New Hampshire by 7,000 votes, but lost to Gore by 4,000 votes in Iowa; in 2004, Bush beat Senator John F. Kerry by 10,000 votes in Iowa, but lost to Kerry in New Hampshire by 9,000.

As if those elections were legitimate!!!

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Yeah, I have had it with the LYING, REVISIONIST, MYTH-TELLING AmeriKan MSM!!!!

It was the maverick streak in McCain that New Hampshire voters fell in love with eight years ago. They respected his straight-talking manner, his brashness, his style of conservatism that de-emphasized social issues and allowed room for bipartisanship. He held one intimate town hall meeting after another.

Voters ate it up. His 19-point victory over Bush in the 2000 primary boosted his bid for the GOP nomination. This year, after reprising his beloved town hall meetings more than 100 times across New Hampshire, McCain emerged from the primary with a five-point victory. It was enough to establish him the front-runner, and this time he held on.

That's the NARRATIVE MYTH the MSM has decided to spew!


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Spaulding said he believes a small but significant percentage of voters who chose Senator Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary - which she won unexpectedly - will vote for McCain in November.

Yeah, the racist, spiteful crowd! See how the MSM is SETTING UP ANOTHER STOLEN ELECTION!!! They just REPEAT and REPEAT LIES, and eventually people accept them as true -- and by the time they are exposed, it is too late!!!!

McCain, though, faces a changed state. New Hampshire has, in the last several years, trended Democratic; in 2006, Democrats swept the US House races and took control of the Legislature. Antiwar sentiment also runs high, notably among the independent voters, who were McCain's base eight years ago but now have expressed misgivings about his vocal support for the war in Iraq.

Yeah, I WONDER HOW HE "WON" the primary when SO MANY OF HIS POSITIONS run CONTRARY to what we want!!!!

One wild card is McCain's running mate, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, whose rugged background and claims of political independence hold visceral appeal to many New Hampshire voters, said Wayne Lesperance, who teaches political science at New England College in Henniker, N.H. But, he said, the discerning electorate is skeptical about the persona she has cultivated, including her questionable claim of being a strict fiscal conservative.


The risk for McCain, Lesperance said, is that voters see him as a different man than he once was, one who now represents convention more than he challenges it. "If the narrative that the Obama folks are pushing [sticks] - that this is same old, same old, more of Bush - that's not the maverick here that folks fell in love with," he said.

Okay, so McCain is going to STEAL NEW HAMPSHIRE AGAIN!!!!

Now it is ON to IOWA!!!

A Des Moines Register poll released yesterday showed Obama leading McCain in Iowa 52 percent to 40 percent. "He'd have to dramatically falter to jeopardize Iowa," said Cary Covington, a political scientist at the University of Iowa.

McCain skipped the state when he ran in 2000, essentially did again this year, and has been an outspoken critic of ethanol subsidies, which bring Iowa millions of dollars. There is an 'X' factor, however: In picking Palin, McCain has reenergized social conservatives, who hold sway in parts of Iowa.

Nick Lantinga, a conservative activist in northwest Iowa, said, "I have no doubt in my mind that Palin's pick has transformed the constituency up here from, 'OK, we'll hold our nose and vote' to 'Holy cow, what can I do?' "

But HOW MANY VOTES does that CHANGE?!!


As for TURNOUT, it is OBAMA who gets the CROWDS and NEW VOTERS, so YOU SEE WHAT SHIT the MSM is SHOVELING, right, readers?


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What a VAIN WHORE!!!

And YOU PAYED FOR IT, taxpayers!!!!