Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama Raises Record $66 Million in a Month

But somehow the race is neck-in-neck with that fossil McCain.


I really can't stand the MSM lies anymore, folks!

"Obama campaign raises a record $66m in August

Barack Obama's campaign announced yesterday that its fund-raising tally from August was its best showing to date. The campaign raised an eye-popping $66 million last month, thanks to more than 500,000 new contributors. The campaign says it now has 2.5 million contributors and $77 million on hand.

Yeah, I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!!

That's what PICKING PALIN did for me!!!!

McCain, though, put up his own impressive numbers in August, raising more than $47 million, in part thanks to conservative donors excited about his pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate. The $47 million included money raised by the campaign and McCain's share of a joint fund-raising arrangement with the Republican Party.

McCain has opted for public financing, which gives him about $85 million in public money but prevents him, now that he's been officially nominated, from raising additional money from donors (Boston Globe)."

Yeah, McCain is right there, uh-huh.

So says the agenda-pushing War Daily!!


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