Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Occupation Iraq: Far From Done

Well, when you NEVER PLAN to LEAVE, yeah!

"Odierno takes charge in Iraq; Succeeds Petraeus, hopes to maintain security progress" by Thom Shanker and Stephen Farrell, New York Times News Service | September 17, 2008

CAMP VICTORY, Iraq - In an ornate palace built by the deposed dictator Saddam Hussein, the US military command of the war in Iraq changed hands yesterday.

Don't think the location wasn't lost on Iraqis!!!

In his first, brief comments as commander of the multinational forces in Iraq, Odierno said, "We must realize that these gains are fragile and reversible, and our work here is far from done."

In his comments at the ceremony, Gates cautioned that "our enemies are down but not out."

You mean, these enemies?

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How much more evidence do you need?

Case closed on AmeriKa's MSM and its PROPAGANDA SHOVELING, folks!

Final fart bleat:
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Odierno stressed the importance of the Iraqi government supplementing the security gains with political and legislative progress, singling out the importance of provincial elections and "a continued improvement in the capacity of the government of Iraq to deliver services to the people.

Improving the delivery of services? Pffft!

It's been five years of hell for Iraqis!!!


Yeah, readers, I am tired of the lies!