Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Draft Needed For Afghanistan

The question isn't IF, AmeriKa, it is WHEN!!!

Just take the temperature of the tone of the article.

Please tell your kids you love them before you send them off to war!

"Call for troops in Afghanistan; Promised brigade is not 'sufficient'" by Robert Burns, Associated Press | September 17, 2008

KABUL - The senior US general in Afghanistan said yesterday he is fighting the war with too few ground troops, and that even the reinforcements President Bush announced last week are insufficient. He said the shortage compels him to use more air power, at the cost of higher civilian casualties.

Sigh. And when they murder people they then deny it!!!

I'm so fucking angry right now!!!!!!!!!

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General David McKiernan, the commander of international forces in Afghanistan, told reporters that he realized the only way he would receive the additional ground forces he needs is for Washington to decide to divert them from Iraq.

Yeah, or you have a DRAFT!!!!

McKiernan said his Washington bosses had "validated" his request for three more ground combat brigades, in addition to the Army brigade that Bush announced will deploy to Afghanistan in January instead of going to Iraq.

McKiernan said he believed it was a question of when, not whether, he would get the troops he has requested. "It's a question of political decisions to be made to divert capabilities from Iraq to Afghanistan," he said.

He disputed the notion that the US and NATO war strategy has failed and needs to be overhauled. "Our strategy of approaching counterinsurgency operations is a valid strategy here," McKeirnan said. "Our problem is we don't have enough resources to do it with." The general added that he was referring not only to insufficient military forces but also shortcomings in Afghan governance and a shortage of international economic aid.

Yeah, point the finger them!!

Bush said in making his troop announcement last week that there was under way a "quiet surge" of US forces in Afghanistan, but McKiernan said he preferred not to think of the reinforcements as a surge because that would imply that the additional military power was being employed temporarily. He said he needs extra combat power, in addition to non-military resources, that can be counted on for the long term.

Translation: Another ENDLESS OCCUPATION!!!

In the interview yesterday evening, McKiernan said he could not predict how long it would take to achieve success in Afghanistan.