Friday, September 5, 2008

Working the French Into a Frazzle

Hey, what's ONE MORE LIE in the furtherance of the WAR AGENDA?!

"French survivors of the battle quoted in Le Monde yesterday said French soldiers were hit by friendly fire from NATO aircraft trying to free them, and that the troops waited four hours for reinforcements.

Please read
Friendly Fire Killed French in Afghanistan

"Photos of Taliban bring Afghan war home to France; Show property of slain troops" by Katrin Bennhold, International Herald Tribune | September 5, 2008

PARIS - A glossy six-page photo spread published yesterday and featuring a group of insurgents who say they killed 10 French soldiers in Afghanistan on Aug. 18 has reinforced uneasiness about France's military presence there.

Published in the weekly magazine Paris Match, the spread reflected the Taliban's media strategy of undercutting support for the war in Europe and raised concern about journalists' giving insurgents a platform. Above all, it fed a broader debate about a war that is seen as increasingly protracted and deadly - and that is unpopular in several European NATO countries with troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

Hence the EMOTIONAL LIE plastered all over Paris!!!!

Get WITH that WAR AGENDA, Frenchies!!!!