Monday, September 15, 2008

McCain Races to Presidency


Excuse me, what did you say about GLOBAL FART MISTING?!!!!!!

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The Boston Globe's Fart Fumes

Gee, how NICE of the Boston Globe to carry a CAMPAIGN AD as a "news" article!!! But they aren't BIASED or anything!! Just read my "politics" label for more, readers.

"McCain finds friends at NASCAR race in N.H.; Says drivers are 'heroes' to forces in Iraq" by Fluto Shinzawa, Globe Staff | September 15, 2008

LOUDON, N.H. - Senator John McCain entered the garage to a standing ovation and was introduced by NASCAR president Mike Helton.

"On Nov. 4, we all get to go make a decision on who our leadership is. Thank goodness that doesn't happen in NASCAR," said Helton, prompting laughter.

"This group, I think, has always been incredibly aware of and very respectful of the men and women that, throughout the generations of America's history, have gone to defend that freedom and the ability we have to choose our own leaders," Helton said. "I'm very honored today to have a man that not only did that and made the sacrifices that he had, but also chose to help the country go forward."

McCain, joined by his wife, Cindy, Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, and his wife, Shonda, spent approximately two hours at the racetrack with a crowd of more than 100,000 NASCAR fans, traditionally a GOP-leaning group.


The Straight Talk Express took the tunnel under the track and was parked in the infield.

Straight talk -- except when it comes to his CARBON FOOTPRINT!!!

So HOW MUCH is that BUS FARTING OUT, Johnny?!!!!!!

McCain was in friendly territory for several reasons. In 2000, McCain scored a New Hampshire primary win. Eight years later, after his rival Mike Huckabee won in the Iowa caucuses, McCain regained momentum in New Hampshire once again by recording his second primary victory in the state.

See today's other posts for more on that.

In September 2006, before he had declared his candidacy, McCain first visited the Loudon track (capacity 105,000). In May 2007, McCain spent time at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C., for the Coca-Cola 600, which takes place every Memorial Day weekend. Virtually every race team is based in the greater Charlotte area.

I always wonder where the global-warming protesters are at such events.

"I want to thank you for your support of the men and women of the military," McCain told the drivers yesterday. "It's uplifting to these young people. When I'm in Iraq and Afghanistan, they're watching you. You are their role models. You are their heroes, and they are ours. I just want to say that NASCAR heroes, competitors, and teams are supporting the men and women who are serving in a most exemplary fashion."

Can I puke now?

NASCAR icon Richard Petty, the seven-time champion, led McCain on a tour of the garage area. McCain made stops in front of the haulers transporting the machines sponsored by the US Army (the No. 8 Chevrolet of Aric Almirola) and the Air Force (the No. 21 of Bill Elliott). Before the race, McCain shook the hand of each driver during introductions.

YOUR TAX DOLLARS at work, AmeriKa!!!!!

Yesterday's Sylvania 300 was the first race of the 10-event Chase for the Cup that determines NASCAR's champion. The Chase ends on Nov. 16, a march toward a championship that roughly parallels the presidential campaign.

No concerns about GLOBAL WARMING or the WASTE of FUEL?

Then I will give that fraud of an issue all the consideration it is worth:


While touring the garage area, McCain furnished a signature for race fan Henry Noonkester. "I feel our country should be run by a military man," said Noonkester, 45, of Acton, Maine. "Definitely McCain. With the way the world is today, I feel the military is important background for our president."

Then how do you explain Bush and Cheney?

Sig Heil!!!!