Friday, September 5, 2008

Let the Lawn Grow

Isn't it odd how only GOVERNMENT CARS, etc, won't have to meet the new standards?

: Boston Buses Are Next For Hybrid Hypocrisy

"Lawnmowers must be greener by 2011" by Associated Press | September 5, 2008

WASHINGTON - Gasoline-powered lawnmowers that are a big cause of summertime air pollution will have to be dramatically cleaner under rules issued yesterday by the Environmental Protection Agency.

What about NASCAR or the WAR MACHINE?

The long-awaited regulation requires a 35 percent reduction in emissions from new lawn and garden equipment beginning in 2011. Reductions are also required for speedboats and other recreational watercraft beginning in 2010.

EPA estimated the cost of implementing the reductions at $236 million a year, which will likely make its way to consumers in the form of more expensive lawnmowers and other machines.


Strange how the war machine and airplanes avoid the limits, too, no?

Question: Aren't you sick of eating this global-warming soft-serve swirley of shit, America?

Neighbors aren't going to be happy, but I'm not cutting the grass again.