Friday, September 5, 2008

Rock the Truth Censored by Google, Technorati

Yeah, there is no censorship going on though!

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How an Average Guy Became “A 9/11 Truther”
31 Aug 2008 by Rocker
"How an Average Guy Became “A Truther”. Posted by willyloman on August 30, 2008. by Scott Creighton. There is nothing special about me. After college, I went into construction, and worked hands on for over 15 years. ...
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Next Mossad False-Flag to Come From LAX
31 Aug 2008 by Rocker
"Los Angeles gives Israeli operatives "unfettered" access to their airport. Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa signs LAX "anti-terror" agreement with Israeli Zionists. Los Angeles, Alta California - June 16, 2008 - (ACN) Los Angeles Mayor ...
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US Border Guards Abandon Posts31 Aug 2008 by Rocker
"Harsh conditions cause many Border Patrol recruits to quit" by Elliot Spagat, Associated Press | August 31, 2008. IMPERIAL BEACH, Calif. - Wanted: law enforcement officers. Must work graveyard shifts alone in remote towns along the ...
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  1. Portland Practice for Martial Law

    "Tuesday, August 26, 2008 black helicopters over portland for dod terror drills from kgw : Don't worry - Portland is not under attack . Low flying military helicopters buzzing downtown Portland looked like a scene out of a movie. Monday night’s drama was all part of a military exercise. …

    7 days ago
  2. 9/11 Heroes for Truth

    " Fire Fighters For 9-11 Truth COURAGE On September 11, 2001 hundreds of our Brothers had the courage to stand up to the actions of Terrorists, and enter those towers to help rescue people and extinguish fires. 343 firefighters and 60 police officers gave their lives standing up for what they believed in… helping others in their time of need. …

    7 days ago
  3. Bloggers Stop Hillary Clinton Power Grab; Obama Nominated for President

    Hey, if the MSM can spin it, so can we! "8 minutes ago Obama makes history with nomination " I happen to believe that the incessant caterwauling out here forced them to retract their fiendish plans, but we will never know, will we? …

    7 days ago

Yeah, SHUT DOWN any commentaries for the last week and the Repuglican convention, technorotty!

Not that I care: people are