Thursday, September 4, 2008

Boston Buses Are Next For Hybrid Hypocrisy

But what about tourism?

"We do
regulate the sightseeing vehicles, and I can tell you that they're next."

And the government?

these cars have not become mandatory for other governments and agencies"

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That Cab Ride Will Cost You

"Taxi drivers warn cost of hybrids bad for business; Blast requirement, say cars hard to get" by Maddie Hanna, Globe Correspondent | September 4, 2008

Not only can hybrid cars be expensive, they can be hard to come by.

That was the chief complaint yesterday from about 70 cab owners, operators, and drivers who crowded a room in Boston police headquarters and insisted that new rules requiring them to buy hybrid vehicles will put them out of business.

"My livelihood is in jeopardy," Maurice Dauphin said after the 90-minute hearing. The Allston resident, who has owned and operated a cab since 1991, said the new requirement will force him to sell. "It's not fair for us."

The globalists have never given a shit about you, and they never will, sir.

In another interview after the hearing, Donna Blythe-Shaw, a staff representative for the United Steelworkers union, which is affiliated with the Boston Taxi Drivers Association, predicted that the "immediate mandate will put hundreds of people out of work."

That's from a state directive that is good for you, citizens!!

Just want you to know that!

And the logistics of getting a hybrid, owners said, are worrisome. One man who stood up at yesterday's meeting said he had called 20 dealerships and was told no one would have a hybrid ready for three to four months.

Well, the state mandating crap that can't be done, well, that's not unusual: The Fart Mist Collector

If owners are unable to secure a hybrid in time, Driscoll said, they can show police a purchase order and receive an extension until the vehicle arrives. The wait for a hybrid, she said, was discussed when the department devised the new rules.

Despite Boston police Captain Robert W. Ciccolo Jr.'s assurances, cab owners at yesterday's meeting said they felt picked on. "Why is the cab industry the only one to get a mandate?" demanded one man to applause.

Others shouted and threw their hands up to ask questions. "Please," a frustrated Ciccolo said, trying to quiet the crowd, "can I only have one riot on my hands at a time?"

The cab rules are the beginning of the city's plan to promote the use of hybrids, he said. "We do regulate the sightseeing vehicles, and I can tell you that they're next."

Like the state wanted to promote ethanol?

We've seen how that has turned out!

"Well, besides using up food crops and driving up food prices, producing a far less energetic fuel that you have to buy and burn more of to get the same work, and setting aside the fact that ethanol fuel destroys the engine gaskets in the fuel system, what's to doubt? I mean, it's not like biofuel was supposed to actually work; it's just another sounds-good-on-TV not-quite-thought-all-the-way-through jingo for political campaigns." -- Mike Rivero of

Now hybrids are going to save us from the global fart mist?