Sunday, September 7, 2008

Israeli Assassinations Draw Ho-Hum From World Community

Please see: Israel's Dirty Games

"Slain Hezbollah warlord an enigma; Mughniyah's death, like his life, remains a mystery" by Borzou Daragahi, Los Angeles Times | September 7, 2008

BEIRUT - Imad Mughniyah's death remains as mysterious as his life. Interviews with antiterrorism officials, diplomats, and his associates reveal new details about the exploits of this secretive figure - and about a slaying that may have been an inside job.

For the U.S. press to use such a term after so many lies about 9/11, well, that's insulting.

Mughniyah's role at the hub of a murky alliance of Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran made him powerful but vulnerable, officials say. The likeliest scenario is that Israel eliminated him.

And NO OUTRAGE from the world community. Just ho-hum.

But the aftermath has reinforced signs of potential Syrian involvement and exposed tensions in the alliance.

Look at the Jew press turn attention to Syria. Cui-fucking-Bono?

"What's troubling is that even if it was the Israelis, it happened in Damascus in a safe area meters from the office of [intelligence] chief Assef Shawkat," said a Western diplomat in the Syrian capital.

Yeah, that would concern anyone in the world -- that Israel and its Mossad can strike anywhere, at any time!!!!

But, "EVEN IF IT WAS" the Israelis, oh, well.

Is anyone out there as INSULTED about this as I am?


I guess that is as close to a confession as we are going to get from Iz-ray-HELL and their AmeriKan mouthpieces of the press.