Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dr. Phil and the Zohan Will Win the War on Terror

The condescending diarrhea drivel that emanates forth from the Jew York Times is quite disgusting -- which is why I rarely even visit the web site anymore, let alone purchase the scitte sheet.

"In Gaza, the influence of Western culture proves to be a moderating force" by Michael Kimelman, New York Times News Service | September 7, 2008

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - As much as the Pakistan-Afghan frontier, this is a front line in the so-called global war on terror, in which anti-Western strains of Islam rub up against the social and cultural proclivities of many, perhaps most, Muslims.

How the West fares, improbable as it might seem, may depend as much on whether people in this forsaken strip of land and elsewhere in this part of the world are watching "Zohan" and Dr. Phil, as on skirmishes in the mountains south of Kabul. What's happening in a humble Gazan music store, it turns out, has repercussions across the region and beyond.


I agree that the Zionist sore is central to the ME problems; however, to say Zohan and Phil are more important than the MASS-MURDER of MUSLIMS, well, that's just SHIT JOURNALISM!!!!

Gaza isn't what you might imagine, culturally speaking. Like the West Bank, it occupies a special place in the Middle East: Gazans may loathe Israel but have worked there or spent years in Israeli prisons, and while they haven't taken up Jewish culture, they've experienced Western life as many other Arabs haven't.

Then why are the Zionists being allowed to crap all over them?

Question answers itself, doesn't it?

Of course, the Zionist-controlled War Daily never says Zionists loathe Palestinians, do they?

Case closed.