Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pentagon Plans to Attack Internet

I thought they already were.


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And did I mention
the DOD's MSM press offices in Lincoln?

"Pentagon ponders offensive cyber capability; Military sparks provocative new debate" by Julian E. Barnes, Los Angeles Times | September 9, 2008

WASHINGTON - Igniting a provocative new debate, senior military officials are pushing the Pentagon to go on the offensive in cyberspace by developing the ability to attack other nations' computer systems, rather than concentrating on defending America's electronic security.

But we are ABOUT PEACE, folks!!!

Under the most sweeping proposals, military experts would acquire the know-how to commandeer the unmanned aerial drones of adversaries, disable enemy warplanes in midflight and cut off electricity at precise moments to strategic locations, such as military installations, while sparing humanitarian facilities, such as hospitals.

Yeah, you gonna spare the hospitals, etc, like you have in Iraq, huh?

FUCK YOU, NAZI SCUMBAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is about FUCKING UP the INTERNET so bloggers CAN'T TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!

An expansion of offensive capabilities in cyberspace would represent an important change for the military. For years, US officials have been reluctant to militarize what is widely seen as a medium for commerce and communication - much like space. But a new National Military Strategy for Cyberspace Operations, declassified earlier this year, fueled the Pentagon debate and gave the military a green light to push for expanded capabilities.

This is such crap, the change for the military.


You GET THIS, military pukes?!

The monthslong debate took on added urgency after the electronic attacks that coincided with the Russian military's push into Georgia in early August and reflects a newfound uncertainty over the state of global cyber-warfare capabilities.

Yeah, that was DONE FROM HERE, too!!!!

"the command and control server that directed the attack, which was based in the United States had gone online several weeks before it began the assault..... a control computer that was based in the United States."

Military officials have not concluded whether the electronic network attacks in Georgia were coordinated by Russia or were the work of freelance hackers or paramilitary groups. Still, the use of cyberspace by Russia and other countries is drawing intense scrutiny by the Pentagon.

Why doesn't someone talk to ISRAEL?!

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Of course, they are NOT WORRIED about the Israeli spy ring or the Zionist Mob!!

"As we go forward in time, cyber is going to be a very important part of our war-fighting tactics, techniques and procedures," said Michael W. Wynne, a former Air Force secretary.

Just so you KNOW WHO IS BEHIND the SHUTDOWN, folks!!!!!

Under Wynne, the Air Force established a provisional Cyber Command in 2007 and made operating in the cyber domain part of its mission statement. Wynne clashed with superiors over the Air Force approach to cyberspace and other issues and was fired in June after breakdowns in US nuclear weapons security procedures. New Air Force leaders are reassessing plans for a permanent Cyber Command, which under Wynne's leadership would have included some offensive capabilities.

Most other US efforts focus on defending military and government networks and mining international systems for intelligence.


So, HOW YOU LIKING the FASCISM, 'murka?!