Thursday, September 18, 2008

F*** Friday Night Football


THAT will SOLVE the problem!!!!

Either that, or GO BACK to SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, huh?

That way you wouldn't need the LIGHTS, right, and you would SAVE ENERGY on that CARBON FOOTPRINT!!!!

"Parents required to join students at game; School reacts to drinking incident" by Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff | September 18, 2008

Students at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School will have to bring a parent or guardian if they want to attend the school football team's game on Friday, a tough new policy enacted in reaction to widespread drinking at the last game that forced two students to go to the hospital and left seven suspended.

John M. Ritchie, superintendent and principal, said the new requirement that a parent accompany a student will hold students accountable, while at the same time sending a larger, public message that student drinking will not be tolerated. He said the requirement is for the next game until a long-term plan can be devised and said the decision was better than alternatives that included not allowing students to attend Friday's game at all.

The school dance after last Friday's game was canceled. Ritchie said the incident was an embarrassment to the high school. And while the staff typically has a good relationship with students, the incident reflected a deeper issue with teenage drinking, particularly in suburban communities.

You know what else is an embarrassment to the school system?

The dumb-fuck kids you have been turning out!!!

Ritchie said officials were worried that some students may have tried to drive home after drinking, if they had not been caught by school administrators. Ritchie's tough new policy was welcomed by students, parents, and school leaders who said it was an appropriate reaction.

Oh, then I stand corrected, Sig Heil!

Fuck you parents, and fuck your kids! You don't care about state tyranny, then I'm not going to care for you!

WTF are your kids doing DRINKING anyway?!!