Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shit With Your Cereal

And you thought my language was offensive!

Not as much as seeing this article as I'm eating my breakfast!

"X-ray alternative to colon test found effective; Method cheaper, could get more to screen for cancer" by Mike Stobbe, Associated Press | September 18, 2008

ATLANTA - The gold standard is colonoscopy, in which a long, thin tube equipped with a small video camera is snaked through the large intestine to view the lining. Any growth can be removed during the procedure.

It requires sedation and a missed day of work, not to mention preparation that uses pills or liquids to clean out the bowel. The study focused on CT colonography, also known as virtual colonoscopy. It's a super X-ray of the colon that is quicker, cheaper, and easier on the patient than traditional colonoscopies.

However, it, too requires the bowel clean-out and has a potentially serious drawback - radiation.


Yeah, well, that is a one-way street where I come from!!!!

And I would rather not be GIVEN CANCER anyway, huh?

Here is what I can give you: PFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT!!!!!