Thursday, September 18, 2008

Criminal Councilor Sucks Patrick's Peter

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"Councilor apologizes to Patrick; Flier wrongly implied governor's endorsement" by Matt Viser, Globe Staff | September 18, 2008

After a major transgression in a minor race, Governor's Council member Kelly A. Timilty called Governor Deval Patrick yesterday and apologized for wrongly using his signature on a campaign flier that implied she had his endorsement.

But the governor's office did not immediately react to the mea culpa, and Timilty could be open to criminal penalties if it is proven that she used Patrick's name without his permission.

Well, we will see, won't we?

Let's see if this ELITE LOOTER is treated like YOU or ME!!!

For some reason, I am not too hopeful.

Timilty's campaign yesterday called it a "terrible" error that she sent out a flier bearing a picture of Timilty with the governor and a phony letter of support, complete with bogus signature.

It wasn't an "error," it was a CRIME!!!!

"Campaigns move quickly, and things like that happen," said spokesman Larry Rasky, who said he was representing Timilty.

But... SHE WON, so it was ALL WORTH IT!!!!

The flier was mailed out in the waning days of the campaign, and it was not revealed that it was a fake until the afternoon of the primary election on Tuesday - too late to have any negative effect on her candidacy.

What a SCUM!!! POLITICAL SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She should RESIGN NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Rasky continued to maintain yesterday that Timilty "felt like she had" the governor's endorsement, although he wouldn't specify why the campaign felt that way. It could be an important legal distinction, because state law prohibits candidates from promoting themselves by using someone else's name without "the express consent" of that person. The penalty is imprisonment for not more than six months or a fine of not more than $1,000.

I expect her to SERVE TIME, folks!!!!!!!

David Traub, spokesman for Norfolk District Attorney William Keating, said, "Our office is not in the habit of confirming or denying what we're investigating." Norfolk County contains most of the district for Timilty's council seat. The district includes portions of 39 cities and towns.

That's such bullshit; DA's talk all the time WHEN IT SUITS THEM!

Again, I'm not very hopeful for a prosecution!!!!

Timilty has not returned repeated phone or e-mail messages left for her. Timilty had reasons to be nervous about retaining her seat. She was chided in a recent issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly for attending fewer than half of the weekly council meetings over the past year, a post that annually pays her $26,000.


That's called LOOTING, Mass. taxpayers!!!!

Several residents who contacted the Globe expressed outrage yesterday over Timilty's flier, which hit their mailboxes in the final days of the campaign and made them feel that the governor was endorsing her.

"The voters have been betrayed," said Deborah Vatcher, a 49-year-old retired physician from Plainville who said she voted for Timilty strictly because she thought the governor was backing her. "I thought this candidate really mattered to the governor. It cemented my vote, that was it."

Vatcher said she was planning to vote for US Senator John F. Kerry, but probably would have left the Governor's Council portion blank had it not been for what she thought was Patrick's endorsement.

"I feel duped," said Pamela Ruby Russell, a songwriter and photographer from Norfolk. "I wasn't even going to vote in that particular contest because I felt I didn't know enough about either of them."

Looks like they had an EPIPHANY, doesn't it? WELCOME ABOARD, folks!!!!

Timilty, seeking her eighth two-year term, comes from a storied political family. Her father, Joseph Timilty, is a former state senator and Boston city councilor. Her brother James E. is a state senator, and her cousin Walter F. is a state representative.

Oh, she comes from a LEGACY of LOOTERS, huh?


The main job of the Governor's Council, which consists of eight elected members and the lieutenant governor, is to confirm or reject the governor's nominations for the judiciary. The council also considers pardons and commutations and reviews government spending orders.

"She doesn't feel like she'll have any problems performing her duties," Rasky said. "She won by a very wide margin."

Yeah, thanks to LIES and DIRTY TRICKS!


Oh, right, she's SORRY!!!!

I'll get the rope ready!!!!!!!!!!!!