Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skinflint Joe Biden

You ain't gonna see any social services or help under a President Biden, AmeriKa, but I'll bet he funds Israel to the hilt!!!

"Bidens report giving fraction of income to charity

WASHINGTON - Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, the Democratic nominee for vice president, and his wife reported giving a fraction of 1 percent of their income to charity during the past decade, below the national average, tax records show.

A Biden spokesman said the couple has given more to charity than they claimed on their taxes.

Yeah, right.

Biden and his wife, Jill, earned $319,853 in adjusted gross income and paid $72,787 in federal taxes last year, including $2,721 in alternative minimum taxes. They claimed $995 in deductions for charitable giving. Biden is the least wealthy US senator.

Awwww, poor Joe, hurting when he's drawing down OVER $300k!!!!

How YOU DOIN', 'murkn?

Biden's running mate, Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, and Senator John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, are millionaires.

Yup, but THEY can relate to YOU, American.

How much you pulling down? $25k?

Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska, the Republican vice presidential nominee, hasn't released her tax returns (Bloomberg News September 13, 2008)."

Well, WHY NOT and WHY the SLACK from the star-struck MSM!!????