Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Glass Bridge of the Big Dig

Why not just bend and spread, Mass. taxpayers, because do you ever take it in the shorts?

Remember all the back-slapping and pride when they announced
the project? I'll bet they were happy; they knew how much loot they were going to steal while building a shit structure with all those billions in cost overruns.

Yeah, believe in Amerikan government and business!

"Crack on Big Dig bridge limits trucks; Detour set for Leverett Connector" by Noah Bierman, Globe Staff | September 4, 2008

Federal highway engineers have asked the state to restrict heavy trucks from using a portion of a Big Dig connector bridge where inspectors found a crack on a concrete support earlier this year, officials said yesterday.

State officials insist the area where the crack was found, on the Leverett Connector Bridge that links the Tobin Bridge with Storrow Drive and Interstate 93, remains safe. But the latest findings show yet another concern about the $15 billion road project.

Engineers discovered the crack during a just-completed "stem-to-stern" review of the roadway initiated following the July 2006 ceiling collapse that killed Milena Del Valle.

You know, I was just wondering: are we going to see one of these criminal contractors charged with murder or fraud? Made to pay the money back?

Nope; taxpayers are just going to keep making the interest payments to the bank -- as if that money isn't needed to fix this debacle!!