Saturday, September 20, 2008

AmeriKa's MSM Newspapers Are Hate Speech Propaganda

Not telling me something I don't already know about the divisive, Zionist-controlled, Muslim-hating, agenda-pushing, war-promoting, Amerikan jewsmedia.

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Yeah, thank the Good Lord Allah that I no longer purchase or read the New York Times, and that I am visiting their web site less and less.

"Hate mail, courtesy of your daily newspaper September 15th, 2008 by Wayne Garcia in Politics

Readers of the St. Petersburg Times on Sunday found a little rancid bonus in their newspapers this weekend: a DVD called Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, which is a hate film ostensibly about Islamic terror. It’s really a thinly veiled attempt to influence the presidential election by flooding anti-Muslim sentiment ahead of the Obama-McCain balloting in November.

Nothing like infusing the voters’ minds with fresh images of terror, especially little children as jihadists, only 50 days away from the day we decide whether to put a man named Barack Hussein Obama into office.

I’ve already heard from one reader, Kathy Bonin in St. Petersburg, who said she’ll cancel her subscription over the DVD insert. The self-proclaimed good-old-fashioned-Kennedy-Tip-O’Neill Democrat and recent arrival from Massachusetts said she called the paper to complain and was told that since it was an ad, there was nothing the paper could do. (Not entirely true; the Times has advertising standards and has, in the past, refused advertising from political campaigns and the Church of Scientology.)

According to Editor & Publisher, the DVD was also be inserted in the Tampa Tribune. (Anyone out there get one this weekend? Can’t find one in our copy here.)

E&P says the New York Times distributed more than 100,000 of the discs — in selected areas:

A spokesperson there said the Times last Sunday inserted 145,000 DVDs in its papers delivered in the following markets: Denver, Miami/Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando, Detroit, Kansas City, St Louis, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee/Madison. Note: These are all in swing states.

The documentary showcases scenes of Muslim children being encouraged to become suicide bombers, interspersed with shots of Nazi rallies. ‘The threat of Radical Islam is the most important issue facing us today,” reads the sleeve of the DVD. ”But it’s a topic that neither the presidential candidates nor the media are discussing openly. It’s our responsibility to ensure we can all make an informed vote in November.”

In this clip from the video....


Bonus cut: Some interesting background about the folks behind the film, the Clarion Fund."

You know, not buying a Boston Sunday globe for the first time in memory is looking pretty good about now.