Saturday, September 20, 2008

The "Taliban" Talk

"Watch this to see the bottomline of the lies of Western Media

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Watch this report in full and you will notice that what the reporter does not stop regurgitating as the Taliban are simple Afghans, fighting a brutal occupation. Since they are betting, drinking, gambling and enjoying music, so they are "new," "modern," "new style" Taliban and "new Afghan incarnation" for the reporter. But he won't say the truth that these are ordinary Afghans because he is 20 minutes into the reports that says nothing but blaming Taliban for everything that has gone wrong.

The Western media would keep on adding these adjectives only to add legitimacy to an illegal war and illegitimate occupation and justify mass murder in the name of the Taliban and Al-qaeda, despite the admission, as you will see in this report, that "no one talks about Osama, al-Qaeda or Mullah Omar." All this discussion is part of the Western media and politics' fantacy world they have created to fool their public into supporting the war of terror.

In this report everything is factual. The evidence is right there. But what they report is wrong. The Afghans fighting against the occupiers are drinking, gambling, betting, and we don't know what else are they doing which the reporter calls “un-Islamic.” Yet the reporter calls them Taliban. The evidence on the tape shows these are ordinary Afghans, standing up to the invaders. But the report won't say this because it started with the Taliban mantra. So when they see the evidence they cannot hide, they call it “new Taliban,” etc. just to save their lies from falling apart."