Saturday, September 20, 2008

Managing the News Media

I fell asleep this afternoon and didn't wake up until 10 pm.

So I turn the TV onto CNN and get wailed with a ton of propaganda. The BREAKING NEWS at the top of the hour is

Evangelist's compound raided in child porn case

Yup, HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! (Please type in "Texas, Mormons" into my blog search and see what comes up).

ONE MORE GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED piece of horse shit (just like WACO) tio take the "news" AWAY from the COLLAPSING ECONOMY and COMING FASCISM!!!!!!!!

The problem is the INSIDIOUSNESS of this BLATANT MANAGEMENT of "news."
This is BREAKING NEWS just as this ECONOMY SHITS the bed?!!!

Yes, I am on here raging because the SCALE of AGENDA-PUSHING LIES from AmeriKa's lying, agenda-promoting MSM is BEYONF BELIEF!!

Yup, take the public's eye off the ECONOMIC SCREWING we are going to be getting and shovel; up another pile of horse shit to us!!! Now wonder I HATE the AmeriKan MSM news so much!!!!

Anyhow, 8 minutes in they turn to Bush and his 700 HUNDRED BILLION bailout in the Rose Garcden. He says his first instinct was to do nothing (your first instinct was right, Bush, because I don't like the fiscal rape you are giving this country) until he talked to the experts. Well, YOU HAVE an MBA, don't you remember MORON!!!!

He then says he took BOLD ACTION to solve this crisis!! You know, at this point I AM SO FED UP with that fucking guy and HIS GOD-DAMN LYING that I AM HITTING the CEILING!!!!!!!! Yup, he took BOLD ACTION to SAVE something that HE WRECKED!!!!!!!!

America, WHEN, oh WHEN, are you going to exact vengeance on these WAR CRIMINAL MONSTERS?!!! They have DESTROYED YOUR FUTURE and you sit there EATING SHIT! WHERE ARE YOU, America? You like having shit shoved down your throat while getting reamed up the ass, don't you?! I'm sorry for the profanity and rage, but WTF?!!!!!

Of course, CNN puts a point on it when they have the Jew financier come on and tell you to kep the money in the 401k. Yup, let the lying looters of Wall Stret steal the rest of that, too, on their way out the door!!!! BAIL YOURSELF OUT, America!!!!

Then I came to the blogs, and FOUND ANOTHER MSM LIE that I had already

Observe (commentaries by Webmaster of Wake the Flock Up):

"Pictured: At least 40 people killed as fire sweeps through Marriott hotel in Pakistan after suicide car bomb
Webmaster's Commentary:

Now it has gone from a truck bomb down to a car bomb.

Look at the size of that crater.

Car bomb my asterisk!

FLASHBACK - "The attacks on New York and Washington were an Israeli-engineered attempt at a coup against the government of the United States"

Webmaster's Commentary:

A reminder not to take the official story of the hotel bombing in Pakistan at face value.

Explosion at Pakistan Marriott hotel kills 40

Webmaster's Commentary:

again a report of TWO explosions.

Scores die as suicide bomb hits hotel

Webmaster's Commentary:

How do they know it was a suicide?

It's not like there are any body parts left if there was someone in the truck when the bomb detonated. First reports said the truck was simply parked by the fence. Then it was a car bomb. Then someone saw a truck driving along, but did not see it actually explode. We have independent reports of at least two explosions.

And consider the timing. Right in time to give the media something else to talk about besides the financial buggering that Bush is getting ready to do to every American taxpayer. And, of course, John "Bomb bomb Iran" McCain now has something to talk about in the debate with Obama other than the economy."

And CUI BONO, readers?

We ARE NOT FOOLED by you anymore, LYING GOVERNMENT and MSM!!!!

Time to WAKE UP and TELL the TRUTH befor eit is TOO LATE, assholes!!!

Because of the absolute abysmal record of the MSM, I may not be here with Boston Sunday Globe posts tomorrow, readers. As you can see, I have about reached my limit with the shit AmeriKan jewsmedia!!!!

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