Saturday, September 20, 2008

AmeriKa's Biggest Polluter

Hey, look, EVERYONE wants CLEAN AIR and CLEAN WATER!!! We ALL are against pollution!

What I resent is the FRAUDULENT CULT of GLOBAL WARMING demanding we monitor our fart poots while the WAR MACHINE gets away SCOT-FREE!!!!

Where are the ENVIRO-PROTESTERS when it comes to the WAR MACHINE (or NASCAR, for that matter)?

No, they are only concerned about YOUR FART POOTS as they push their lying, agenda-promoting garbage!!!!

"Groundwater cleanup near base to begin

The Air Force is planning a cleanup in a section of Falmouth where groundwater has been contaminated by cleaning solvents from the Massachusetts Military Reservation. The plan, announced yesterday, is part of a broader cleanup of the Ashumet Valley plume, an underground flow of contaminated water eminating from the reservation. The solvents dissolved in groundwater about 75 to 100 feet below the surface. The first phase of the cleanup involves drilling a well to extract the groundwater. That work is expected to begin Tuesday (AP)."