Saturday, September 20, 2008

Peabody Man Picked Off by Police

Seeing as I no longer believe official reports or authorities, this looks like another state execution.

"Man shot by officers dies in hospital

A Peabody man who was shot by police officers on Monday after he confronted them with a starter's pistol died yesterday morning at Salem Hospital, the Essex district attorney's office said. Phillip Noto Sr., 55, died as the result of complications of a gunshot wound to the abdomen, said Steve O'Connell, spokesman for the district attorney's office. Noto had undergone surgery on Monday and was in critical condition. He was arraigned in Peabody District Court earlier on Monday because of a Sunday incident. He posted bail and later that day police were notified that he was at his home, which was a violation of a protective order. The police responded and there was a confrontation, during which Noto was shot (Boston Globe)."

So there was a "confrontation," but no police were hurt, huh?

He was shot by "officers?" What, no taser?

Yeah, this item STUNK when I saw it, and now it STINKS WORSE!!!!