Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Woes of Amy Winehouse

Anyone who has listened to her music knows this:

"Amy Winehouse brain damage fears
September 02, 2008

THE extent of troubled pop star Amy Winehouse's drug use has been finally revealed and it is feared she has suffered brain damage.

The details of Winehouse’s drug use was reported in The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom.

Her first overdose in August last year was from a cocktail of cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, ketamine and crystal methamphetamine (commonly known as ice).

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Her second overdose was in July when she inhaled an "inhuman" amount of hash over 36 hours that left her vomiting uncontrollably and hallucinating. At the time her father said that Winehouse had suffered an adverse reaction to medication.

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Winehouse is facing legal action after pulling out of a concert in Paris on Friday hours before she was due to headline it.

"She was taken ill at her house and wasn't able to travel to France for the concert," said her representative Chris Goodman, who described her condition as a "normal" illness.

Amy Winehouse
Brain damage fears ... Amy Winehouse / AP


Isn't she sweet, this little Khazar scum-bucket??

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How come she doesn't receive the same criticism that good American girls like Britney and Paris do, readers?

Zionist-controlled media institutions have nothing to do with it, I'm sure!