Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Americans Alcohol Consumption Standards Drop

Pound that piss water! Drink up that diarrhea!!!

Bottoms up, 'murkns!!

"Glasses still get raised in tough times; Alcohol sales up in some places despite downturn" by Adam Geller, Associated Press | September 2, 2008

NEW YORK - In the past few weeks, scattered reports have noted that alcohol sales are up in some places, despite - or maybe even because of - the downturn in the economy. The new figures have revived the thinking that when Americans are taking it on the economic chin they tend to keep a firm grip on the bottle.

The REAL REASON is a "maybe" to the elite shits!

Of course, it is only SOME PLACES where the sales are up, and I'm sure the MSM searched long and hard to find them!

Paul Gruenewald, scientific director of the Prevention Research Center, a federally funded nonprofit in Berkeley, Calif.:

"People are very rational over all. They're doing what makes sense. They still want to sit down after work and have a beer, and OK, it won't be a Heineken. They'll have a Budweiser."

Ah, from champagne to piss water, 'eh, murkn?

When the economy tanks, the wealthy can afford to keep drinking.

Yeah, those guys never hurt for nuthin!!!!

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