Saturday, September 13, 2008

U.S. Arming the World

Here is the war profiteers' business agent:

In that booming market, American military contractors are working closely with the Pentagon, which acts as a broker and procures arms for foreign customers through its Foreign Military Sales program."

"U.S. Arms Sales Climbing Rapidly" by Eric Lipton

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is pushing through a broad array of foreign weapons deals as it seeks to rearm Iraq and Afghanistan, contain North Korea and Iran, and solidify ties with onetime Russian allies.

Anyone find it galling and odd that the NYT calls for "containing" North Korea and Iran (who have they invaded lately), while noting the "rearming" of countries the U.S. HAS INVADED?! It never changes down there!

From tanks, helicopters and fighter jets to missiles, remotely piloted aircraft and even warships, the Department of Defense has agreed so far this fiscal year to sell or transfer more than $32 billion in weapons and other military equipment to foreign governments, compared with $12 billion in 2005.

CHA-CHING for the war looters!!!!!

The trend, which started in 2006, is most pronounced in the Middle East, but it reaches into northern Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and even Canada, through dozens of deals that senior Bush administration officials say they are confident will both tighten military alliances and combat terrorism.

“This is not about being gunrunners,” said Bruce S. Lemkin, the Air Force deputy under secretary who is helping to coordinate many of the biggest sales. “This is about building a more secure world.”

Uh-huh ($$$$$)!

The surging American arms sales reflect the foreign policy tides, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the broader campaign against international terrorism, that have dominated the Bush administration. Deliveries on orders now being placed will continue for several years, perhaps as one of President Bush’s most lasting legacies.

Along with the mass-murder, tyranny, and destruction of our economy!

In that booming market, American military contractors are working closely with the Pentagon, which acts as a broker and procures arms for foreign customers through its Foreign Military Sales program.

Less sophisticated weapons, and services to maintain these weapons systems, are often bought directly by foreign governments. That category of direct commercial sales has seen an enormous surge as well, as measured by export licenses issued this fiscal year covering an estimated $96 billion, up from $58 billion in 2005, according to the State Department, which must approve the licenses.

About 60 countries get annual military aid from the United States, $4.5 billion a year, to help them buy American weapons. Israel and Egypt receive more than 80 percent of that aid. The United States has also recently given Iraq and Afghanistan large amounts of weapons and other equipment and has begun to train fledgling military units at no charge.

Yup, BILLIONS and BILLIONS for WEAPONS and NOTHING ELSE for YOU, America!! When the fuck are you gonna WAKE UP, shit-eating fucks?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The growing tally of international weapon deals, which started to surge in 2006, is now provoking questions among some advocates of arms control and some members of Congress.

“Sure, this is a quick and easy way to cement alliances,” said William D. Hartung, an arms control specialist at the New America Foundation, a public policy institute. “But this is getting out of hand.”

Congress is notified before major arms sales deals are completed between foreign governments and the Pentagon. While lawmakers have the power to object formally and block any individual sale, they rarely use it.

It's called lack of spine cowardice.

Oh, and here is another reason.

The United States has long been the top arms supplier to the world....

But we are FOR PEACE!! What a fucking sick joke!!!!!

Fighter jets made in America will now be flying in other countries for years to come, meaning continued profits for American contractors. The flood of sophisticated American military equipment pouring into the Middle East has evoked concern among some members of Congress, who fear that the Bush administration may be compromising the military edge Israel has long maintained in the region.

See: How Israel Got the Nuclear Bomb

Even before this new round of sales got under way, the United States’ share of the world arms trade was rising, from 40 percent of arms deliveries in 2000 to nearly 52 percent in 2006, the latest year for which the Congressional Research Service has compiled data. The next-largest seller was Russia, which in 2006 accounted for 21 percent of global deliveries.

Yeah, it is ALL WE MANUFACTURE NOW -- weapons of DEATH!!!

I am SO ASHAMED to be AmeriKan!!!!

Travis Sharp, a military policy analyst at the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation, a Washington research group, said one of his biggest worries was that if alliances shifted, the United States might eventually be in combat against an enemy equipped with American-made weapons.

Aaaah, whoever worries about that!!!!?

Arms sales have had unintended consequences before, as when the United States armed militants fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, only to eventually confront hostile Taliban fighters armed with the same weapons there.

That sure was a bullshit paragraph, huh?

No "Al-CIA-Duh" in the revisionism, NYT?!!!

But Mr. Lemkin, of the Pentagon, said that with so many nations now willing to sell advanced weapons systems, the United States could not afford to be too restrictive in its own sales.

Would you rather they bought the weapons and aircraft from other countries?” he said. “Because they will.”

Actually, yeah. I'd like an END to the MILITARISM, if you please!

An END to the MASS-MURDERING SLAUGHTER based on LIES, puke-stick!!!!!!!!!