Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shame On You, AmeriKans!

"American's complacent, obedient slaves??? Embarrassed

by Kathy Fisher, Unknown News
February 4, 2007

Here's a silly question: Why the hell are we still in Iraq???

Because the Bush cabal/junta, the neocons, the Zionists -- whichever name you prefer to call them -- they always get what they want.

So American military might is still in Iraq, doing what the cabal wants them to do, while most

Americans are complacent, obedient slaves here at home, convinced they are safe because GI Joe is in Iraq keeping the bad guys far away.

The Average Joe and Jane six-pack are doing as they're told, being Good Americans, not questioning their leaders. It's easy, not doing a god damn thing.

A few hundred thousand people like myself went to the streets and protested the war, but the majority of American sheeple are still content doing what comes naturally, which is to sit on their Lazy Boys in front of the boob tube passing gas and the hours away rooting for their favorite teams,.

They're going to the malls, seeing a movie, having one more beer and it's bed time, then they get up and do the same old thing, work, spend money they don't have, watch sports, sleep, pay the minimum on the credit cards, pray they hit the lottery, and never think anything's going to change, orfor that matter get worse for them.

Most Americans haven't a clue how bloody it is in a far away place like Iraq. The trained seals at home are comfortable, that's all that matters.

That's why these devious bastards who have taken over our country are getting away with it!!! They love it when the lemmings out there can't remember one sentence in their own Constitution or Declaration of Independence.

They love it that the vast majority of numb-nuts don't know that their leaders are breaking every law in the books to steal everything that isn't theirs.

Many Americans ignore their country's history, and to the rest history is what they ate the night before last. They will raise the flag, and obey without even asking a question. When asked to remove their shoes at the airport, they do it on command, like it was second nature!

Most Americans think with their wallets. They vote in the elections mostly about tax issues, yet they can't understand why till this day they don't seem to have any more than they did twenty years ago.

Oh yes they make more money, but because the price of goods keep going up, it takes more of that money to pay for those things. For some reason this never sinks in. It's as if they were chasing their own tails!

Soon, the feds will no longer be able to prop up this papier mache economy and fool the sheeple into believing they still have a reason to keep going to work.

Maybe, and I say maybe, as the new cars and nice things they been used to having get carted away, Americans will be forced to go out into the streets and demand things change.

When that day comes I will be the one handed out the tar and feathers, but until then I think business and war will continue as usual, and continue to be accepted.

We are still in Iraq because the Bush cabal and its corrupt and influential partners in crime, the leaders of Israel, do "NOT" care how long it takes.

They want to take over the Middle East and all its resources, and they are willing to spill as much blood as it takes, so long as it is not their own.

They don't care how many Iraqis get blown up, it just means fewer Iraqis they will have to contend with when they take over even if it's twenty years from now!

If they don't get their way they will be satisfied to see their enemies go up in ashes. And if you think I'm wrong, watch when it's Iran's turn. It's damned or be damned.

And again I have to lay the blame where it really belongs, on you, the American sheeple who give the cabal a green light by not doing anything to stop them.

It is no secret that Israel depends on American military strength in order to achieve their goals, and that, my sorry ass friends, includes a whole lot of our hard earned money.

Along with the life blood of so many of our bravest, they also squeeze the last bits of money out of each and every America taxpayer.

Money that could be kept here in America, to be used toward our own desperate needs.

Americans could protest about having that money taken out of their wallets without even asking, but they don't.

They don't care that our National Guard has been stretched to the point where if needed here at home they must be hauled out of Iraq and Afghanistan in our own hour of need.

And because the great majority of Americans have not shown so much as a peep of discontentment about these wars, you will see them bring back some type of military draft, much like Bush-Cheney's co-conspirators have in Israel, whereby it will be mandatory to serve no less than two years for your country starting as young as 21.

In the end it won't be the war to end all wars, but the war to end all worlds! And Americans brought it upon themselves. They have shown those in power that they need only say JUMP and you will all ask them HOW HIGH.

For that I am thoroughly disgusted with the lot of you!!! You are going to wait till it is too late, and then you will beg the people who warned you to help you. And to that I will say, help yourselves!

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