Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How to Fix the U.S. Economy

The solution is something I have been hollering about in one form or another for five years!!!!

"Economy: Stopping the wars is the ONLY way to fix the economy!

Posted by morris108 on September 15, 2008"

How to fix the economy?

Stop the wars.

All the “enemies” got Rich from the oil prices going up. The war on terror is the reason for the prices going up. The enemies = “Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia”

The Pentagon is the biggest user of oil in the world.

In the Neocon mission to extend the war on terror, tremendous borrowing and indebtidness has occured. And so with a trickle down philosophy, this was extended to the people, so they too could borrow without security and buy houses they could not afford. Apart from the Military related industries just about everything has been outsourced.

Alas there is no one and nothing that can be done to stop the war on terror. The MIC (Military Industrial Complex) is seemingly entirely in control of the US and by extension its allies in Europe.

And the Financial system is tottering. It will continue, even if the stock markets disappear, even if the banks collapse.

But we will definitely have inflation. And food will be a bigger and bigger chunk of our income.

And the Neocons will continue expanding the wars. Apart from the obvious Pakistan and Iran arena. Nigeria and Bolivia are also hotting up.

Only when the people protest on the streets will anything change.

Right now, Lehmans and Meryll Lynch have gone down, and the FDIC does not have enough funds, and the biggest insurers are in trouble.

It is a biblical financial Armageddon.