Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Russian Reaction to Georgian Crisis

"Putin vows 'an answer' to NATO ships; Says Russia will respond calmly to rise near Georgia" by Vladimir Isachenkov, Associated Press | September 3, 2008

MOSCOW - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said yesterday that Russia will respond calmly to an increase in NATO ships in the Black Sea in the aftermath of the short war with Georgia, but promised that "there will be an answer."

"We don't understand what American ships are doing on the Georgian shores, but this is a question of taste; it's a decision by our American colleagues," Putin reportedly said. "The second question is why the humanitarian aid is being delivered on naval vessels armed with the newest rocket systems."

Yeah, I don't really understand that muh-self!!!!

As if to emphasize the country's strength - its control over a growing percentage of European energy supplies - Putin traveled to Uzbekistan to announce a deal that would tighten Russia's hand on Central Asian energy exports to the West.

That's what is all about, in'nt!

Meanwhile, President Dmitry Medvedev sternly warned the West that it would lose more than Moscow would if it tried to punish Russia with sanctions over the war with Georgia. Medvedev also warned that NATO would suffer more than Russia if its ties with Moscow were severed.

"We don't see anything dramatic or difficult about suspending our relations if that's the wish of our partners," Medvedev said. "But I think that our partners will lose more from that."

NATO nations depend on Russia as a transit route for supplies going to the alliance's troops in Afghanistan.

Gee, that's AWFUL NICE of them!!

So why we TREATING the RUSSIANS like crap?!