Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane Hanna Hits Haiti

Seriously, I do wonder how much more suffering do Haitans have to endure in this world (as I look sky word and ask why).

"Hanna drenches Haiti, killing 21" by Associated Press | September 3, 2008

SAINT-MARC, Haiti - Families clutched mattresses, chairs, and other belongings and slogged through waist-high flood waters yesterday as Tropical Storm Hanna killed at least 21 people in Haiti. The slow-moving storm threatened to hit the southeastern US coast as a hurricane within days.

Heavy rain from the storm's outer bans fell relentlessly in Haiti, a country still recovering from drenchings by Hurricane Gustav and Tropical Storm Fay. In all, floods and mudslides from the three storms have killed more than 100 people as Haiti's deforested hills gave way in the torrential rains.