Saturday, September 20, 2008

Occupation Iraq: Iraqis Know False Flags

The on-the-ground source is backing up my commentaries about "female suiciders" in that they are a creation of the Zionist-controlled media and AmeriKan propagandists!!

How sweet to be vindicated by on-the-ground sources -- NOT!!!!

"Bombing of Innocents in Iraq Is the Act of Terrorists
Ibrahim Ebeid,

September 18, 2008

The news media do not convey to us what is really going on in Iraq. They keep the majority in the dark and what they convey to us is distorted and fabricated. The blackout against the heroic Iraqi Resistance is tremendously strong. The Arab satellite television stations are just as guilty. Seldom do they broadcast any news about the Resistance operations, though these stations receive well-documented video disks directly from the Resistance. These stations are well-controlled by the occupation forces and the global US Zionist imperialists. They only broadcast what is allowed by their masters.

For instance, the media portray the operations as terrorist acts by Al Qaeda and they attribute the terrorist acts to the "insurgents," which means the Resistance. In reality, the terrorist acts against the Iraqis are not the act of the Resistance but the act of the occupation and its lackeys. The Ba’ath Party and the National Resistance declare:

We always say that the American occupiers, their lackeys and spies and their aides do not want a stable, progressive independent Iraq, they are behind all acts and killings, looting, robbery, destruction and sabotage including car bombings which target innocent citizens in marketplaces, public squares, churches and mosques./

As an example, on Wednesday evening, 23 July 2008, a powerful explosion occurred in the Presidential Palace in Ninawa Governorate where the Second Division of the illegal government created by the occupation is headquartered. Most of the members of this unit are Peshmergas militias that belong to the two Kurdish traitors, Talabani and Barazani. The explosion caused a sizable amount of damage to the Palace and to the adjacent buildings.

The intelligence sources of the Resistance in the Governorate affirmed that the explosion was caused by a booby trapped car that the Kurdish agents were preparing to be used later on to target innocent people in the city of Mosul. The agents ran out of luck and the booby trapped car exploded and killed the agents and seriously injured others.

In another instance of misinformation, Agence France Presse and other news media reported, of course without checking the real perpetrators, at least 19 Shiite pilgrims heading to the holy city of Karbala for a religious festival were among 27 people killed on Thursday in a spate of bomb blasts across Iraq.

As many as 18 were killed in a double attack by two women suicide bombers who blew themselves up among a crowd of pilgrims heading to the city, police Lieutenant Kazem al-Khafaji in Babel province said.

The women detonated their explosives-packed vests 50 meters apart and at a five-minute interval in Iskandiriyah 60 kilometers (37 miles) south of the capital, Khafaji added.

But we know through the Resistance sources these explosions were not the work of suicide bombers. The explosion resulted from boxes left on the road and in the midst of the pilgrims who were heading to celebrate the birthday of the Imam Mahdi. The crime was falsely attributed to suicide bombers, as happened in Karbala months ago. In reality, the bombings consisted of large amount of explosives stacked in boxes left in the street. Three masked men passed by and examined the objects, and then left. The explosion occurred about 10 minutes later while the second came from a relatively large wooden box used as a base for a loudspeaker and for a light, supposedly to guide the pilgrims at night. Yet Lieutenant Kadhim Khafaji, a member of the Badr Brigade, said that it was the work of two women suicide bombers. This is a distortion of facts. There were no women suicide bombers but it was the act of the Badr Brigade in order to stir up sectarian strife. Khafaji belongs to the Supreme Council led by the Persian Abdel Aziz al Tabtabaei, known as al Hakim.

Izzat Al-Duri, the Commander of the Jihad and Liberation Front made it very clear to the gallant Resistance that the Mujahideen strike only at the occupation forces, their known agents, the symbol of the puppet authority and the representatives of high treason...

Fight the symbols of treason and puppetry who committed a formidable number of crimes in collaborating with the occupation of our country and the dispersion of its people. Fight no one but those who oppose you.


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