Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No More Palin Pregnancy Pictures

Not because I'm putting up with lies and not because Obama said they are off-limits, readers.

It's because when the young mom
obviously loves with her little boy, I see no reason to flog, flog, flog. I'll leave that to the rest of the blogs.


"Palin's daughter, 17, is pregnant; Republicans close ranks around family as rumors swirl" by Michael Kranish, Globe Staff | September 2, 2008

ST. PAUL - Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin revealed yesterday that her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is five months pregnant - a disclosure made by John McCain's campaign in an effort to stop what it called "out of control" Internet rumors that Palin's youngest child actually was conceived by her daughter and that the Alaska governor faked her pregnancy to cover that up.

You know, covering up a lie with another lie really doesn't appeal to me much.

Why can't they just TELL the TRUTH?!?!

And the MSM, oh!

They wouldn't investigate or tell the truth about anything these days, so we'll see how far I get!

Palin's daughter became both the talk of the GOP convention and the latest episode in the national discussion about teen pregnancy. Her story follows debates over whether the movie "Juno" glamorized teenage pregnancy and whether the real-life pregnancy of 16-year-old actress Jamie Lynn Spears provided the wrong role model for teenage viewers.

One third of the nation's girls get pregnant by age 20, the highest rate among fully industrialized nations, according to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies. After a 15-year-long decline in the teen birth rate - attributed to more contraception and less sex - the rate rose 3 percent in 2006, according to the nonpartisan group.

Bill Albert, the group's chief program officer, said the reasons for the rise are unclear. But he said it would be "pretty naive to think that things like 'Juno' and Jamie Lynn Spears don't shape the social script. They certainly do."

Asked if he was concerned that the Bristol Palin pregnancy would have a similar impact, Albert said he hoped the matter would prompt more parents to talk with their children about the negative impact of unplanned pregnancies. While he said he was sure that the Palins would provide financial and emotional support, he said many other teens in similar situations do not do as well. Sixty percent of pregnant teens do not finish high school, and many struggle financially for the rest of their lives because of a lack of education and resources, Albert said.

And the blogger's said teen pregnancy would be turned into a campaign issue back during the Gloucester pregnancy pact!!!!


Well, I've made my postion clear many times, and with all the killing and suffering in this world, I say BRING FORTH the LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teens pregnant? WHO CARES?!!!!!!!! LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Upon the announcement of Palin's vice presidential candidacy, the rumors surfaced in e-mails and on some liberal blogs suggesting Palin had not been pregnant, but was hiding her daughter's pregnancy.

Bristol Palin, a high school senior, appeared at the Friday rally in Dayton, Ohio, holding Trig, but was not on stage at events over the weekend.

Senator Barack Obama, noting that his mother had him when she was 18 years old, denied yesterday that his campaign had anything to do with the rumors. "This shouldn't be part of our politics, it has no relevance to Governor Palin's performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president, and so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories," Obama told reporters in Michigan. "People's families are off limits, and people's children are especially off limits."

That's not why I'm letting go of the story: It's because we have MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES to DISCUSS like WAR, PEACE, ECONOMY, TYRANNY, etc, etc, etc!

In another issue that emerged during the vetting, Palin has hired a private attorney to represent her in a state investigation into her firing of the state's public safety commissioner, and whether it was related to his refusal to dismiss a state trooper involved in a messy divorce with Palin's sister.

Here is what else they are missing: McCain's Judgment in Question After VP Pick


Anywho, WE WILL be WATCHING for the kid to be pumped out in December, and if not, well, that would make sense seeing as the young lady had a kid in April.

Bristol Palin, holding Trig, was on stage with Governor Sarah Palin at a rally Friday in Ohio.

Bristol Palin, holding Trig, was on stage with Governor Sarah Palin at a rally Friday in Ohio. (Matt Sullivan /Reuters)

Yeah, that lovely young lady is glowing with her boy in her arms!


At least I AM CONSISTENT, 'eh, readers -- unlike the hypocrite conservatives!!!!

Or FASCIST LIBERALS, for that matter:

Daily Kos Fascists EXPUNGE and BAN the blogger ArcXIX for Sarah Palin's Babygate