Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Lingering Fart Mist of Maine Meeting

Also see: The Globalist Governors of New England Meet in Maine as AmeriKan Economy Melts

"Governors, premiers adopt resolutions

Meeting in Maine yesterday, New England's governors and the premiers of Canada's eastern provinces adopted a resolution advocating transportation systems that help cut greenhouse gas emissions. The resolution at the 32d meeting of the state and provincial leaders calls for better coordination between environmental and transportation agencies and transportation systems. The leaders also agreed on a resolution acknowledging the importance of population growth to maintain an adequate labor force. Governor James Douglas of Vermont said employers have told him that is the most critical problem. The conference is being hosted by Governor John Baldacci of Maine and Premier Shawn Graham of New Brunswick (AP)."

WTF?! We have an UNEMPLOYMENT problem as it is!!!


This is more GLOBALISM talking, isn't it?


And if the population needs to grow, what is with the birth-control, abortion agenda being pushed so much?