Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Globalist Governors of New England Meet in Maine as AmeriKan Economy Melts

"N.E. governors gather for Maine summit; Holding talks with premiers from Canada" by Associated Press | September 16, 2008

BAR HARBOR, Maine - New England's governors and premiers from eastern Canada have huddled in this coastal resort town to discuss energy, economic development, and transportation issues that face both regions.

Talks are expected to begin during today's all-day agenda for the group's 32d annual conference. Yesterday's agenda called for golf, registration, and a late-afternoon reception.

You are paying them for this, New England taxpayer?

"It's about networking so they can get down to a personal level before they get down to business," said Joy Leach, a spokeswoman for Governor John Baldacci of Maine, who is co-chairing the event with Shawn Graham, the premier of New Brunswick.

Sessions today will also look at transportation connections between the two regions, opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation, and regional economic issues.



Take a deep snifff, murkn!!!