Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hillary's House of Rothschild Endorses McCain

No wonder she has been quiet and nearly invisible on the campaign trail -- that, and an Obama loss serves her!!!!!

"Aristocrat Who Favored Clinton Endorses McCain

by Matthew Mosk

John McCain's election strategy has for weeks involved an aggressive push for support from disenchanted Hillary Clinton voters, particularly those white working class women who helped the former first lady win primaries in general election swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

So it was with great fanfare this morning that McCain's campaign alerted reporters of a major development on that front: "A prominent Hillary Clinton supporter who is a member of the Democratic National Committee's Platform Committee will endorse John McCain at a press conference at the Capitol Hill Club today, September 17," the advisory said.

Turns out, the prominent Clinton supporter who crossed the partisan aisle to support McCain was none other than Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, wife of British banking scion Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. And the Lady Forester, as she is sometimes known, may not be the ideal spokesperson for McCain in the present environment of economic uncertainty.

When not engaged in politics, de Rothschild -- whom the Wall Street Journal dubbed a "New York socialite" and Portfolio has described as "the flashiest hostess in London" -- has the run of a sprawling estate in Buckinghamshire, north of London, known as Ascott House. In the U.S., she summers on Martha's Vineyard. And she has not been shy with her feelings about Obama prior to today, telling CNN weeks ago -- and without any hint of irony -- that, "frankly, I don't like him. I feel like he is an elitist."


She's a fine one to talk!