Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boston ER

Certainly not a tv show. Trillions for wars and war looters, billions for banks and Israel, a billion for Georgia, billions for Pakistan (to slaughter their own people), and yet the hospitals here in America....

"State orders hospital ERs to halt 'diversions'; Bid to ease overcrowding seen to sometimes delay care" by Liz Kowalczyk, Globe Staff | September 13, 2008

ERs regularly shut their doors to most ambulances for hours at a time when they have too many patients, with the busy Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women's hospitals in Boston accounting for the majority of closures statewide. When this happens, ambulances often cannot take patients to the hospital where their regular doctor works and where their medical records are kept.


That is if you even have a hospital
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Oh, it is ALL ABOUT PROFIT not PEOPLE, huh?!!!

I wish you could see the look of disgust on my face, readers.

"Kindred Hospital to close" by Robert Weisman, Globe Staff | September 13, 2008

Kindred HealthcareInc. yesterday said it plans to shut its unprofitable 79-bed hospital in Braintree and sell the building.

Kindred Hospital Northeast is likely to close by the end of the year, after its patients have been moved, said Richard A. Lechleiter, executive vice president and chief financial officer at the company's headquarters in Louisville, Ky.

An unspecified number of employees will lose their jobs. Kindred Healthcare yesterday said it also would dispose of a hospital in Modesto, Calif. as part of a strategy to jettison "nonstrategic assets," the company said.

To "dispose" of a hospital, huh?

To "jettison 'nonstrategic assets," huh?


What's that CFO taking down in pay, anyway?!!!