Thursday, September 18, 2008

Going Nowhere in Galveston

Literally, readers.

Please see:
FEMA Handles Ike Like Katrina While Chicago Floods

And yet, the MSM has totally forgotten about this due to the economic meltdown.

And seeing that is part of the overall globalist plan, it makes you wonder about the timing, doesn't it?

It hides the effects of Ike, gains a taxpayer bailout of corporations, all while allowing Bush to wage another war to divert us.


"Galveston tells Ike victims headed for home to turn around; 20-mile gridlock forces city to halt temporary returns" by Jon Gambrell, Associated Press | September 18, 2008

GALVESTON, Texas - Residents of this hurricane-wrecked island city launched an ill-advised attempt to return to their crippled hometown yesterday, fuming in hours of gridlocked traffic only to be turned away at the bridge.


Traffic backed up for 20 miles along Interstate 45, the one route onto Galveston Island. The city announced Tuesday that people could briefly return under a new "look and leave" plan, causing evacuees all over the state to pack up and head for the coast.

Hours later, it abruptly halted the policy out of fear of just the sort of roadway chaos occurring yesterday. Ike's death toll in the United States climbed past 50 yesterday.

Just curious why Cuba had ZERO deaths while the U.S had 50.

And WTF is with the INCOMPETENCE when the MSM has told us the government responded SO MUCH BETTER to Ike than Kat?!!!

The city suspended its look and leave policy because within one hour of the announcement three lanes of vehicles stretching along 15 miles tried to get onto the island.

Officials were working on a new plan to open the island by sections, LeBlanc said. City and state officials still want people who stayed through the storm to get off the island because of concerns a growing health threat on the island.


Why do I sens another land gab, folks?