Thursday, September 18, 2008

AmeriKan MSM Hiding THOUSANDS of DEAD From Hurricane Ike

Of course, they aren't saying that, but LOOK:

"GALVESTON, Texas (AP) — The death toll from Hurricane Ike is remarkably low so far, considering that legions of people stayed behind as the storm obliterated row after row of homes along the Texas coast. But officials suspect there are more victims out there and say some might simply have been swept out to sea. As the hurricane closed in, authorities in three counties alone estimated 90,000 people ignored evacuation orders.

Nobody is suggesting that tens of thousands died, but determining what happened to those unaccounted for is a painstaking task that could leave survivors wondering for months or years to come. Authorities concede that at least some of those who haven't turned up could have been washed out to sea, as at least one woman on the peninsula apparently was, and that other bodies might still be found."


Think the shit-hole Amerikan MSM would?