Tuesday, September 16, 2008

America Invaded, Occupied From the Inside

This is the kind of thing that is done in countries that are invaded and occupied, America!!

You know, like

"Regulating the scrap heap; Bill aims to impose rules on purchase, sale of metals" by David Abel, Globe Staff | September 16, 2008

As the price of scrap metal has rocketed to record levels this summer, Beacon Hill lawmakers are seeking to join the majority of other states in the country that have passed laws to increase regulations on how scrap metal is bought and sold.

But in Massachusetts, where police last week arrested two government employees in the theft of $500,000 worth of decorative cast-iron trim from the Longfellow Bridge, the efforts to hold scrap dealers such as Lenox more accountable have made little progress.


In the past year, state Senator James E. Timilty has pushed a bill that would require scrap dealers and pawnshop brokers to record the name, address, date of birth, photo, and other details about the seller and the items being sold. That information would be sent to an online registry accessible by authorities.


Sig Heil!!

But the bill has failed to attract enough support to pass a full vote in the Legislature because of a combination of budget pressures and industry lobbying. Building and staffing such an online registry would cost the state about $1 million.

At least!

State lawmakers and law enforcement officials said the online registry would be modeled after a similar program in Rhode Island, which they said has helped solve everything from break-ins to arsons.

Yup, the TYRANNY is ALWAYS INTRODUCED for something specific and then BLAM -- EXPANDED AWAY to INCLUDE EVERYTHING (sig heil)!!!!

After helping police find the two men who sold them the iron from the Longfellow Bridge, John Scola, general manager of Minichiello Brothers in Everett, said the arrests show their system works. He said they voluntarily record the license plate of all their clients, but with an average 350 sales a day, they would not have time to record much more.

"When police came, we had all the information they needed," Scola said. "But they're saying we have to scrutinize everyone who comes in, and take their photos?"

Sig Heil!!!!


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