Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Word of God

I say that because he is Divining the News (DTN).

"We are tottering to the end - it even feels orchestrated - as if the powers that be are inducing it."

What I have sadly learned -- and what my ejerkashen system never told me -- is that everything presented to you by MSM news is a stage-managed, agenda-pushing exercise. Everything. The endless lies and distortions prove it.

"Swine Flu Pandemic, Geo political scaremongering?

Regarding the Swine Flu - If the talk of Bio-warfare gets a hearing, then talk of geo-politics is surely a valid discussion.

It is often said John F Kennedy was assassinated as he was trying to dismantle the Fed. In fact Kennedy’s administration started printing dollar notes, not the Fed’s.

Kennedy also wanted to dismantle the CIA in favour of the Peace Corp.

Gaddafi recently stated there is a risk that Obama will be assassinated. And we just saw that Obama shook hands with an archeologist who died the next day. How close can a person get?

Underneath our war on terror has been theological concerns regarding Islam. The mentionable differences are probably: No speculation, alcohol or homosexuality.

And so there can be many alliances formed against honouring the Muslim nations. Apart from them sitting on a lot of natural resources.

The Obama Administration has been warming to Hizbollah, Hamas and many others.

And a Muslim alliance from Turkey to Pakistan has long been predicted on this blog, maybe it is closer now than ever.

All the while the Likudniks in Israel are alienating even the (so called) moderate Arabs.

The Likud in Israel and the Neocons are the same family, Obama came in but the old order hasn’t left, and does not want to. And the cries for justice regarding the torturing are also too much for them.

In recent days Obama has spoken out against Holocaust deniers and for Gay rights. So he is not totally out of order with our Gov’ners…

And Obama’s press conference after a hundred days in office is NOT going to be aired on the NeoCon Fox News network, instead they are going to show a program called the ‘Lie’. Now isn’t that a message? ‘We rather the people watch a lie than hear the Pres?’

I no longer believe in any democracy I have witnessed, British or American, so Obama is not anyone I chose to worship or have had high hopes for. But as it turns out I can see his Admin has tried to change things.

Is the Swine Flu a threat of what could be??? If the Obama Admin tries too much change?

Swine Flu is reputed to have a one week incubation period. So what is ahead of us is truly unknown.

There clearly IS a lot of hype. It takes two, the readers and the MSM (MainStream Media). Recalling the Millennium bug, the AIDS scare, 9/11 and the Iraq war - how the entire population was whipped up into a frenzy - and none of the scares turned out to be what was said. But now we are all much cleverer.

What do the peoples adversaries get out of exploiting the fear factor? The NWO types. What wool is being pulled over our eyes while something else is going on? When we are all buying face masks and forbidden to meet in public, or touch each other - will Iran get bombed? Who knows?

Will a forced vaccination effort turn us all into zombies?

The real problem is the henchmen, if only some of those ‘in the know’ doing the dirty deeds would stop doing them. But they are all over a barrel their families would be punished. That is certain.

Rather like a person couldn’t leave the Cosa Nostra, which is a good analogy. Because there are groups of people acting in concert above the law....

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I may not agree with everything above (Obama's change, for one); however, I also must consider that the author is seeing the same things from outside the Zionist prism that passes for MSM in my country. They certainly won't let the cat out of the bag vis-a-vis U.S. government internals regarding Israel's control over this government.

Has the MSM alerted you to any of the JFK lies? 9/11? Heck, they sold 'em on Iraq and they have never stopped (all the while hiding and minimizing israel's brutal crimes). Now Pakistan and Iran are next. If Obama does truly stray, I expect the press will get bad for him here. That will be my signal.