Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heads Roll For Harvest

This excellent author raises some very good points about our censoring, Muslim-hating AmeriKan jewsmedia. Don't like that term? Sorry, but it could easily be a typo as well as the truth.

I also note that the bride-burning in Hindu culture also passes by unmentioned (I did learn things in school, folks) in the AmeriKan MSM while we are fed and endless barrage of girl school burnings, beheadings, acid-throwings, et al, when it comes to the generically-used "Taliban" now.

"Indian Beheads Granddaughter For Good Harvest

No, this is not about some ‘anti-women’ Islamic extremists in Afghanistan, or some fake Taliban in northern Pakistan flogging a girl whom America is using as a pretext to destabilize Pakistan. This is India, the world’s biggest graveyard for newborn baby girls who are buried alive in the thousands each year. But you won’t hear about it in the American and the British media. Washington and London are two countries that are grooming India to be their new slave-soldier in Asia. And for this purpose, the mainstream media in the two countries is projecting India like never before [how strange that the free and democratic media in Britain and US faithfully mirrors their government’s national security objectives?] This is why you won’t see this story in the mainstream American and British media. In fact, I did a non-scientific survey and discovered that only one newspaper in the entire Free World published this story: the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. The story was not published in Washington or London because it probably hurts the image of a rising power that America and Britain are cultivating for India. Or maybe because mainstream British and American news networks [esp. CNN and BBC] have inducted so many Indian faces that these won’t allow such stories about India to come out anyway. The inductions of Indians in CNN and BBC, for example, are highly disproportionate to the numbers of Indians living in both America and England. They are also disproportionate to the global figures. Going by those, there should be more Chinese faces on CNN and BBC. So this is enough to shut up any CNN or BBC official who tries to hide behind excuses such as ethnic diversity, etc. Everyone should remember that these are the same ‘major news networks’ that peddled the lies of Bush, Powell, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Rice about Iraq. So here’s the story that you won’t see in the Anglo-American press. Imagine if this had happened in Pakistan? Worse still, imagine if this
news report about thousands of baby girls killed in India each year was actually about Pakistan? Or if this video of an American woman and another one about this poor woman being beaten by Indian Hindu terrorists happened in Pakistan? Please watch these two last videos, one from America and the other one form India, and see who treats women worse: The Taliban [even if they’re fake, in Pakistan’s case] or the Americans and the Indians? And then read this story:

I insist you visit and read the rest HERE.


"Swat girl flogging video fake, official says" by Fasihur Rehman Khan,

Islamabad: A top government official of Pakistan's Taliban-controlled Swat region has made a surprise claim that the amateur video clip shown by television channels of a 17-year-old girl being flogged was fabricated, media reports say.
Malakand Division Commissioner Syed Mohammad Javed was quoted by local media as saying that the incident shown in the video clip had not happened in the Swat valley and that the accents of the people heard speaking in the video were not those of the region.

"This fabricated video clip is a conspiracy to sabotage the Swat peace deal between the Taliban and the NWFP government," the commissioner said after his visit to the Kala Kalay village where the incident is alleged to have taken place. Swat Taliban Spokesman Muslim Khan echoed his sentiments, claiming the tape was the handiwork of pro-West organisations.


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And consider this:

"They sat in one girl’s home telling their story, their faces uncovered only because no man was present. But when Mohammed Matloob, the father of one of the girls, walked into the room, the other three quickly pulled their head scarves over their faces. His daughter, Nagina, 16, ordered him to leave the room, which he did, with a surprised

Aren't the
children beautiful?

Tomas Munita for The New York Times Hameeda Sarfraz, in the dark burqa, teaches Islamic religious lessons to children in her village, about 50 miles north of Islamabad, Pakistan.

Oh, what LIES we have been told about Muslims by our Muslim-hating Zionist AmeriKan MSM, Americans!!!!!!

Honestly, I'm tired of the MSM lying? Aren't you, AmeriKa?

This whole agenda-pushing, they hate their women and children almost as much as they hate Americans and Jews, etc, etc, as compared to the nice, warm Jew who just wants to promote tolerance and understanding in the world. I'm sick of it.

Bunch of war propaganda just as the author illustrates -- and I suppose we did all those Afghan and Pakistani families a favor by dropping bombs on their men and killing families (including women and children). Yeah, a widowed woman in a Muslim culture is something to be valued and

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"Liberating" Muslim Women

Heck, if you read the AmeriKan MSM long enough, you would think all Muslims are wife-whippers who guzzle blood. Makes you wonder how they got to be a billion-strong, but I'll leave that thought aside for now. It couldn't be love for them, that's for sure.

Sadly, that's been a facet of AmeriKa's MSM for centuries: foment wars for conquest by demonizing a people -- with well-timed false flag attacks blamed on the appointed state enemy.